From: Frenzy <aznfrenzy@aol.comingtoyou> Subject: Re: [PW!][CANYON]This hurts! Date: Saturday, June 19, 1999 2:57 PM (Have to finish this sometime) "Heh Raven wake up." James shook the unconscious Raven. "Hmm. Spout GO!" James's Wartortle popped out looking for anything that might be dangerous. "Spout. Watergun Raven gently." "Wartortle?" Spout was confused but did as he was told. Raven woke up wet and coughing. "Raven?" "James?" "Yeah its me. For a minute there I thought I had to lead ATR by myself." "In your dreams!" The two coleaders of ATR grinned evilly. "Can you walk?" James asked. "Dunno. Got injured in the shoulder and the leg." Raven said weakly as if remembering his sitiuation. "Here let me help you. Wartortle return! You might wanna call back your Rhyhorn was looking at my Wartortle hungrily." James said. "Fine. He could eat your Wartortle when we get back." Raven grinned. ___________ "Oh really? really? messups......really......ok....we won't....ok we will.......thank welcome." "Heh what did he say to you?" A Rocket with a rifle asked his companion. "A medic left with an Abra coming towards here. That leaves 3 agents and the pilot inside the ATR plane. The spy and the other 2 agents have begun to deal with them at this very moment." the second Rocket answered. "So what do we do?" the sniper said. "We kill these two." the second Rocket grinned pulling out a weapon. _________ The spy smiled. Sure two rockets were killed but she had done well. Four ATR agents, one medic, and one pilot came with James. She was one of the agents. Two other agents were dead someone inside Quicksilver. The other agent was unconscious and captured. The pilot was dead also but they didn't need a pilot. She hated him anyway. As for the medic and James the other two remaining Rockets would take care of them and if they did not. She still had the element of surprise. She had to capture James too but she could kill him if neccessary. Then she could return to where the Rockets headquarters were located and tell them where Ivory Island was. Then that was the end of ATR. She couldn't tell the location of Ivory Island back then because she didn't know where it was exactly. Once she got into the Quicksilver she finally pinpointed the exact location of Ivory Island. Ironic. She joined ATR because she thought they would be winning. Now she knew better. Team Rocket will overcome ATR thats why she doublecrossed ATR. SHe contacted a Rocket and they worked out a plan.Of course only few rockets knew about this. All of them were greedy asses, she thought. They wanted to get all the credit. The traitor blinked and return back to reality. The two rockets attacked the unsuspecting ATR ship. A battle ensued. Pokemon were used and blood spilled. The Rockets were losing until the traitor changed all that. Sure the other two rockets got killed anyway but they deserved it. Attacking without getting a signal from her first,that it was clear thought the traitor. So two dead rockets. Two dead ATR agents. One dead ATR pilot and one alive-soon-to-be-dead-captured-ATR agent. She did well. Now she just had to wait. _________ "Yeah I can walk by myself." Raven said. "The attackers probably left thinking I was dead. We have to warn the others." Raven continued. "THey could take care of themselves. Unless theres a traitor or a spy the Rockets can not win." James said. James suddenly noticed a glint that came from Raven's belt.(I dunno) James quickly tackled Raven down. As if to reward James for his quickthinking. A bullet pass where James and Raven stood before. "Shit!" Raven shouted. _________ "SHit! I missed" the sniper shouted. "You have one more round left.Shoot them while they are distracted. Now let me deal with them" the rocket commanded rubbing his gun. He pointed toward where the enemies were. Come on ATR make this challenging, he thought. He fired two times to keep the two ATR pin down. He ran to get a closer view while firing. He knew that if he gave the two ATR enough breathing room they will release their pokemon. Suddenly he stopped firing and a plan came into his head. The Rocket ran a little bit closer ot the targets. One of the ATR suddenly jumped up holding a pokeball. The Rocket pointed and fired. _________ James and Raven try to get out of the enemies range as long as possible. James picked a pokeball that held his Rapidash. He got ready to release it once the Rocket ran out of ammo. The Rocket did soon enough. He nodded to Raven who also picked a pokeball himself. James jumped up holding his pokeball. "Go..Epona!" Sudden realization dawned upon James . Realization struck James harder than the gun did but it came too late.The Rocket had waited for James all this time. James was hit before he released his pokemon. Raven couldn't watch as James fell down hard. Raven then noticed that James was not dead just stunned. The Rocket had some kind of paralysis stun gun. He looked up and saw that the other rocket, the sniper was pointing the gun at him. Raven threw a nearby pokeball as far as he could. _________ "SHe sells seashells by the seashore." The sniper sang but held his trigger and looked up. "WHat the......" A pokeball was thrown hurling throught the air and out popped a Electrode. "ELECTRODE!!!" "Shit" the sniper knew it was too late. "Self...." The Electrode roared The sniper heard his last word in his life and swore for the last time. "We are ...." "Destruct!!!" The Electrode finished and exploded. Both Rockets were caught in the blast and were never seen again. ________ Raven realized that he threw his electrode and dived the ground. He braced for impact as the Electrode exploded. After a while he looked up and saw the results. Noone was there. Raven weakly walked toward the pokeball he had thrown and realized his Electrode somehow returned. "Heh Raven!!" Raven looked up and saw a medic and Psycho running toward them. "I heard an explosion. The Abra and I came here as fast as we could." the medic said. <<What happened to James? He looks wasted>> "James got hit by somekind of stun gun. We were attacked by Rockets. We took care of them. We have to get back there are more of them." Raven groaned. ________ The spy knew something was wrong. She could see Raven and James walking weakly. Followed by Psycho and the medic who was named Patty. The two rockets Failed!! SHe was the only one left! The Spy panicked. She could not fake that she was still an ATR member. The captured ATR agent had probably woke up. She might have tied him down but pretty soon the others will find him and he will tell that she was a spy. She must find him and kill him before. NO...They will hear the shot. Damn. Damn. Damn. It was too late. She had to kill the others all by herself. ______ "Heh its the Ensign. Heh what happened? Bodies are lying everywhere." James asked who was out of his stun status long ago. "Um." The Ensign replied. <<WATCH OUT>> Both Raven and James dived to the ground and the blast from Ensign's weapon passed harmlessly. The ensign was then tackled down by everbody else. SHe was tied, blindfolded, slapped, tarred, feathered, and burned. Maybe not the last three but she got her ass kicked. "How many times did we have to dive on the ground today?" James asked rubbing his injuries and observing the damage of the fight. "Dunno. Don't care. Can we just leave. If you want to return to Grandpa Canyon later you do that. I have enough about this place." said Raven who limped all the way back to the copter. "We don't have a pilot. Hes dead remember?" James sat down. <<We are Stuck?>> Psycho asked. "Who can fly this thing? I will give him/her a raise. I need to get out of here." Raven screamed. "Oh really? Well I could." the medic asked. "Your Patty right? Ok....get us out of here...." Raven sat down. "You owe me a raise on the way back." the medic/pilot smiled. TBC...... that sucked. Tell me its real the feelin that we feel tell me that its real don't let love come just, to pass us by Try, is all we have to do its up to me and you - "Tell Me Its Real" Kc & JoJo - The Traumatized Paranoid Insane (Fill in the blank)