From: Goola the Hutt <goola2u@aol.compostheap> Subject: [PW!] This Place Smells Like Poison! Date: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 5:29 PM The road Sneakers traveled seemed to stretch on forever, and he was very hungry... A chirp from his left caught his attention. "Venonat!" said the tasty-sounding voice. Sneakers leapt at the hairy bug, but missed. A high-speed chase ensued, down myriad roads and into an old mansion. Sneakers lost sight of the little cotton ball, and tried to sniff out a his trail. "Blaugh!" he said after taking a whiff. "This place smells like poison!" "Venon nat!" came a high pitched, offended voice, which Sneakers promptly dove upon. It wasn't until he had sunk his teeth into the furry pokémon that he noticed a large, menacing man, looking rather annoyed. "I am Koga, fushia gym leader, an this is my Venonat you wish to consume." Seakers, after letting out a nervvous giggle and setting his anticipated meal free, was given a less-than-formal introduction to the door, or rather, window. It was NOT a pleasant experience. Sneakers marched back up to the door, after munching on a few Rattatas, and began to scratch. Koga promptly open the door, and glared at Sneakers. Sneakers didn't give Koga the chance to speak, or punt him into the sky, before speaking up. "Hello, Koga, I challenge you to a battle for a Soul Badge! By the way, tasty Rattatas aound here." "Um, yeah," said Koga, a strange expression on his face. "Okay," he said, "Four on Four!" "Koga calls... Gengar!" shouted Koga. "Then I call... Bludgeon!" shouted Sneakers. "We're both DEAD, pal!" snarled the Gengar at Bludgeon. "Cubone bone cu!" shouted Bludgeon back, shaking his bone menacingly. The strangely-colored Cubone, its skin the same hue as the bones it cose as ornaments, was quite a sight, but the Gengar wasn't phased by the skeletal creature or its feline trainer. "Gengar, confuse ray!" ordered Koga. "Bludgeon, Bone Club!" ordered Sneakers. The ray collided with the Cubone at the same time as its weapon collided with the Gengar. The damage was done, but the Cubone was sent into a frenzy of clubbing, and broughht its massive weapon down on anything in range... including Koga's foot. Sneakers just covered his eyes with his forepaws. Koga conceded that round, to spare his poor foot, and Sneakers was more than happy to call back the berzerk Cubone. "Koga calls... Electrode!" shouted Koga "Ooh, a spherical object! Me play with!" said Sneakers happily, leaping at the Electrode and batting it around playfully. Before Koga could say anything, the Electrode self-destructed in a rage. Sneakers blinked twice before falling on his face, then weakly returning to his four furry feet. Koga couldn't help but laugh. "Here," he said, tossing a badge to Sneakers, "You deserve this. I haven't laughed in the longest time." "But you said four on... Never mind," said Sneakers, "It hurt enough already. Off to Viridian!" Sneakers said, pinning his 7th badge onto his collar, then running off in a random direction, eyes closed... "Ouch! Who put that... Salvage the pride, Sneakers..." Sneakers went to catch the next Charizard (so he wouldn't be tempted to eat his ride) to Viridian. TBC! Shard Fields, who hadn't written with Sneakers in a while.