From: Time Lady <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [CANYON] Time to get dirty Date: Tuesday, June 15, 1999 5:56 PM > The technician turns to the rest of the group. "Somebody else interested > in getting a fossil revived?" > Runt steps forward "Yah, I do -- Hey Rolly, a little help?" He squats to > give his Pokémon better access to the backpack, then continues. "I believe > it's a Kabuto - I found it after a little run in with some Rockets..." Rolly > hands the technician the fossil and Runt stands back up. > "Oh, yes.." says the technician as begins examining the fossil, "We've been > trying our best to keep Team Rocket out of the canyon, but they keep getting > in - Hope they weren't too much trouble..." > Runt glances back to his companions then answers, "Nothing we couldn't > handle." > "It's quite an exquisite specimen - it's tough to find one so intact. Are > you sure you want to revive this now?" Runt nods. "Very well - anyone else?" "Excuse me," said Sarah Jane as she handed the Nidoran's leashes to her Mr. Mime. She took the egg out of her pack and unwrapped it. "Could you identify this egg?" asked Sarah Jane. "Hmmm...." said the technician. He took the egg and began to examine it. "This looks like a prime example of a fossilized Aerodactyl egg. Too bad we haven't had much luck with reviving fossilized eggs." "Are you sure it's not alive?" asked Sarah Jane. "Absolutely. Without the warmth of the mother, it's nearly impossible for the egg to survive," affirmed the technician. Sarah Jane looked at him uncertainly. Her instincts - her abilities - were telling her that there was something alive inside the egg. "Has anyone ever raised a baby Aerodactyl before?" asked Sarah Jane. "If I remember correctly, a scientist managed to revive a male and a female Aerodactyl from fossils... and bred some Aerodactyls that way," said the technician. "Cool," said Christy. "Could people buy them?" "Only for millions of pokebucks," returned the technician. "It's hard to get Aerodactyls to breed in the first place... and then they raise a brood every 10 years. According to the research I read, it takes around 3 years for the young to leave the nest." "That long?" said Sarah Jane. The technician nodded. "In fact, one of the elite four has one of the first bred Aerodactyls." "Do you know where I can find the book about the Aerodactyls?" asked Sarah Jane as she rewrapped her egg carefully. "They might have it in the souvenier tent," replied the tech. "Some people who find Aerodactyl fossils want it, hoping they can find a pair of fossils, or another trainer, and try to breed them." "Thanks," said Sarah Jane. She retrieved Cuddles and Spunky's leashes from Shields, who was exhausted from chaising them around the room. "What about the fossils you found back in Mount Moon?" asked Jon. "Those are in storage," said Sarah Jane. "I may as well wait until we get to Cinnabar Island." She turns to her friends. "Any of you want to join me at the souvenier tent?" "I will," said Christy. <insert anyone else joining them> "That guy didn't know what he was saying," said Sarah Jane as they walked over to the souvenier tent. "What do you mean?" asked Christy. "There _is_ something alive inside this egg. Maybe it was hidden in a place warm enough to keep it alive... or just long enough to keep it dormant. I'd like to try to find that book. My grandfather is a pokemon researcher. Maybe he knows the author." Inside the tent, Christy goes over to look at the souveniers while Sarah Jane looks over a book rack. She finds a book about Aerodactyls and looks it over. She paid the clerk, then waited for Christy to finish her souvenier shopping. The group then returned in search of the others. "Ready to go?" asked Damien. "Sure." returned Sarah Jane. "Where to now?" asked Christy. "How about Fuscia?" asked Damien. <to be continued> Sorry.... ran out of steam here.... -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ ||