From: <> Subject: [PW!][TH]Trip to the poke-mall Date: Saturday, June 12, 1999 8:27 AM "Erika, I challenge you for a Rainbow Badge!" said Scy. "Ok. Go Victreebell!" said Erika. "Go Stalker. Give it your Gusssst attack!" said Scy. Stalker began to flap its wings like a mad-bird, and created a huge gust of wind, blasting the plant into the wall. "Return. Go Tangela!" said Erika. "Stalker, use your wing attack!" said Scy. Stalker flew at Tangela. He whipped it with his wings a few times. "Use your Bind attack!" said Erika. Tangela threw its Vines at Stalker, who dodged them with ease. "Finissssh it with your Fly attack" said Scy. Stalker flew up really high. He then came flying down like a rocket, and smashed into Tangela, talons first. "Return. Go Vileplume" said Erika. "Return Ssstalker" said Scy, as he leapt into the battle. "Use your Stun Spore attack!" said Erika. Scy dodged it like it was a toy train. He charged a Vileplum, blades up. He sliced off the flower on its head. "Pluuuum" yelled the pokemon. "Use your Solar Beam attack!" said Erika. Scy blasted a bolt of thunder at it. "Return. Congratulations! You have earned the Rainbow Badge!" said Erika. She handed him the badge, and waved goodbye. "Wait, I would like to battle you!" said Zephyr. "Its my lunch brake, come back later" replied Erika. Zephyr nodded, and they walked out into the city. 2 drunks ran out of a bar. They walked over to Team Hurricane. 1 of them pulled out a shotgun, and fired. There was a blur of black, and the bullet missed. They turned around to see a Scyther glowing yellow. Scy held up its blades, and released a mild shock. The 2 men fell into paralysis, and the Team Hurricane dragged them to the police. "Thissss drunk tried to sssshoot me" explained Scy. "Ok, their under arrest, you can go now" replied Officer Jenny. "Gladly" said Zephyr, as they left. "Lets go to the poke-mall, they have everything" said SB. Zephyr nodded, and they began to walk to the mall. It was a short walk. They headed inside, and began to look around. "I need to get a Leaf sstone, and maybe a Wather Stone, if I get a Ssshellder" said Scy. "Ok" replied Zephyr. Scy payed for the 2 stones, and returned to Zephyr and SB. "We should get some Max Revives, and Potions, in case were stuck in a city without a pokecenter" said Zephyr. "yeah" replied Scy. They bought some potions, and revives, then left the mall. Scy called out Vine. He set the leaf stone in front of it, "If you want to evolve, you can" said Scy. Vine touched it with his leaf, and began to glow. When he was finished, he was a larger, and stronger Victreebel. Tauras24! E-mail: Aim: Tauras24 ICQ: 34504139(Tauras) Evil prepare for devastation. We will break down your corrupted nation, A ray of hope in chaos, Team Hurricane blast off with the power of wind, Surrender now because you will never win..--Team Hurricane Motto "Call me Machette arms"-me "It slices, It dices, its Scyther"-Zephyr #_#/*_*/!_!/&_&/^-^ /@_@/ %_%/O.o/0.o/0.O/#_@(black eye)/~.~/~_~/Stare into my collection of faces. ! ! ! ! ! ! Follow to the footsteps to the collection of faces. "Six legged creatures from planet earth, We love to laugh and are full of mirth, To love all Caterpie and help them all, To release the Butterfree in the fall, Clan Caterpie crawl oh so slow, Surrender now or look down low" - Clan Caterpie Motto" Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.