From: Perfect Cell <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Up in Flames Date: Friday, June 04, 1999 4:50 PM Sailor Pika wrote: > > Perfect Cell <> wrote in message > > <snip> > > "Let's get some sleep. It's been a bad night." > > Kat and her mother nodded. > > He turned to the crowd, then to Jenny. "And don't even think about > > questioning me about that. Some things you just can't explain." > > She shot an odd look at Spectre as he, along with Kat and her mom headed > > back to their house. > > Once they were back inside, Kat slumped down in a chair and rubbed her > temples. "Oyy.. " > Her mother laid back down on the couch. "I second that, my dear." > Kat and Spec went back upstairs to let Kat's mom sleep. > > <scene switch- next morning, kitchen> > "Ack!" Kat jumped backwards from the stove, her apron slightly on fire. She > was promptly doused by Splash, who seemed to be snickering. She grumbled > under her breath and went back to attempting to cook something. A few > minutes later, she muttered something that children shouldn't hear and > dumped the charred pancake into the garbage. She bent down to the cabinet > and pulled out a box of Pop-Tarts. Tossing a few into the toaster, Kat > turned to Spectre. He was grinning. > "I don't cook very well." Kat said sheepishly. > "I noticed." > Kat give him a dirty look and turned back to the stove. She took the > whistling kettle off the burner and poured the water over the tea bags > sitting in the three cups. She set one in front of Spec, left one for > herself on the counter, and carried one into the den for her mother. > While gnawing on the only-slightly-overbrowned Poptarts, she asked "Where we > headed now, Spec?" Spec /grinned/ and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. "Tenkaichi Budokai." Kat blinked. "Gesundheit." Spec facefaulted. "'s a battle tournament for Pokemon. I've competed in the human counterpart...and I personally think my three pokemon have what it takes to beat the living smeg outta anything we get thrown at." "Ahh...where is it?" "North of Mt. Moon." Kat sweatdropped and finished her Poptart off. "I hope I don't spend as much time there this time as I did last time..." Spec nodded. "You ready to go? We....need a ride inland." ...TBC? > > TBC. > > -- > Sailor Pika > Pika must run, have battery will travel > ----------------------- > "Clefairy forever!" > ----------------------- > My day of death will be Monday, March 30, 2065 > ------------------------ > Visit the AGNP website at -- Reg