From: The Carroll's <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Vacation madness Date: Saturday, June 19, 1999 12:54 AM Otaku67 wrote: > > > > >[OOC: The focus was on Blazer...Charmander had been a pretty good friend > >of hers...] > > > > OOC: ahh. BTW, just a tiny bit of information...Blazer was a he. ^_^ > > > > >Natasha got back onto the Pidgeot with Tenchi. "I only wanted to visit > >here..." She sighed and let her Haunter out. > > > >"Haw haw haw Haunter Haunter haw..." > > > >"Uhm...yeah. To...hmm...Cinnibar?" > > > >Before either could think it over, the Pidgeot had taken off and was > >flying for the island. > > > >"Guess so..." > > > >"HAWW Haunter haw haw..." > > > >Natasha scratched her head. "Ooohkay then." 'Can you hear me?' > > > >"Haunter haw haw haw Haunter!" > > > >She sighed and returned the Haunter. "Odd...I don't think it can hear > >me..." > > > > Tenchi's haunter, was staring at him. > > "Haw?" > > "No, we're human." > > "Ah, glad i can stop talkin like that." > > Tenchi and Natasha did a double take. "You can talk?" > > "Talk, sing, dance, you name it. I'm not a puppy ya know. But most pokemon hate > it when i talk human. Spooks 'em out." > > "A talking!" > > "By the way buddy, don't even think of puttin me in one of them pokeballs." > > " problem. Just do me a favor and fade out when me and Natasha want so > "Us time", k?" > > "Yeah, fine. I can stand without seein that anyway." > > [and there we have my first all diolouge story. boring, ne?] [OOC: Did anyone get this? I think Pacbell's acting up ahgain...Hmmm...It just didconnected me.] Booga woke up in the hospital emergancy room with a bloodey bandage on his head. "At least it didn't hit me hard enough to make me go insane, like it did with Natasha." It was in the evening when the docter came in to change the bandage. After the docter left, Booga got up and snuck out of the hospital. He wandered down to a shop and boght a hat to conseal the bandage. "Dang, this is lonely," he muttered as he let out Eevee. Eevee yawned. "Ahhhh! It's been a while since I've come out! Huh? Booga? Your human again?" Eevee followed Booga down to the Rent-a-Pidgeot Express. "You want to rent Pidgeot? It'll cost 50 American dollah! 50 I say!" Booga handed five tens to the guy at the counter. He flew off on the Pidgeot and began to tell Eevee what happened during the past month. A Zapdos searched the land to find some prey to bring back to it's nest at the abandoned power plant. It spotted Booga, Eevee, and the blue and orange Pidgeot that provoked it the other day. It prepared to unleash it's powerful thunderbolt as the Pidgeot flew on. The Zapdos was angry. It decided to charge up the electricity a bit more to get more of a revenge. Booga, Eevee, and the Pidgeot flew on, unknowing of their stalker. "ZZZZZZAAAPPPDOOOOOOOSSS!!!" it cried as the thunderbolt hit the Pidgeot square in the rear. Booga and Eevee, since they were on top of the Pidgeot, got blasted with electricity as well. Eevee and the Pidgeot was no longer concious. "Aaaaaahhhhh! We're going down!" Booga yelled as the Pidgeot quickly lost altitude. He saw an emergency pull strap on the Pidgeot's back. He pulled it. He and Eevee were flung off as a parachute opened up on the Pidgeot. "Sure! Save the bird!" Booga creid as he fell. he got an idea as they got close to the ground. "Flamie! Go!" The flareon got out and Booga held him upside down. "Flamethrower! Don't stop!" Flamie used flamethrower, and Booga held on tight, using Flamie as a jet-pack. The got a semi-soft landing, one that Booga would be feeling for a few days. He limped off to the Pokécenter. "Hmmm... The map says were in Lavender town..." a Gengar appeared infront of him. "Flamie! Go get him!" Gengar used hypnosis, and Flamie fell asleep. Gengar then used dream eater. It clenched it's stomach and rolled in pain, from getting sick off a bad dream. "Pokéball! Go!" Booga tossed a Pokéball at the sick Gengar and caught it. A wail rose from the Pokémon Tower. He quickly got on a Pidgeot and left. *time passes* Booga walked down the hall of the "New Laboratory of Cinnabar" "Is my fossal revived yet?" Booga questioned the scientist. "Eeeehh... Zyour nayme pleeze?" Booga sighed. Another one of these werd accented guys? he thought. "My name is Booga." The scientist handed him a Pokéball. "Zo zats who zyou are! Congradulazionz! Zyou are ze new proudz owner of a Kabyewtopz!" Booga winced as the memories of a Kabutops slicing his head off flooded his mind. Booga stepped out of the lab and saw Tenchi and Natasha walking down the street. He walked over with Eevee trailing behind. He heard a hysterical giggling behind him. "So, did you get a 'regular' vacation yet?" TBC - DANG it took forever to type this! -- Booga