From: Magic T. Dragon <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Vacation Time! Date: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 3:50 PM [bounce] > Tenchi rolled over onto his back. "I'm gonna go down to the water." > Natasha > nodded, not bothering to look up. > > "I have to destroy that music" Tenchi muttered to himself Natasha yawned. The sun felt so warm... ----- The usual gray, foggy world formed around Natasha as she entered her dreams. She sighed and settled down on the gray floor. "Hey...over here!" Natasha almost jumped out of her skin. She turned around slowly. "BLAZER?!" The fox trotted forward, allowing Natasha to pet his smooth, soft fur. "But you're..." Blazer smiled, displaying his fangs. "Do you remember what the doctor told you about the gunshot wound?" "Yes, that it may destroy my power..." "Or severely change it. This is the change. can communicate with me now. And..." "You mean...I can speak with the dead?!" "Only ones that you have been involved with before their death..." Before Natasha could respond, the massive form of a Gyarados glided in front of her. Blazer turned towards it and growled. Natasha scooted back. "But you're not dead! We only destroyed the mechanical--" Gyarados turned his head to one side. "After you so rudely disposed of my Pokéball, I drifted for a while, trapped. Eventually, I washed up on a beach and escaped. "Dazed, I rolled off the beach and swam away. I soon reached the power plant. While relating my tale to a Poliwhirl, a bird called 'Zapdos' descended upon me and unleashed some sort of primitive attack on me. "Unfortunately, I was already weakened by the past days. The attack was sufficient to kill. "Normally, I would be getting my vengeance against you...but the past events have left me somewhat wizened." ----- The sound of a small child screaming about being splashed woke Natasha before she could respond. --Natasha V. Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.