From: NinjaMecha <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Vacation Time! Date: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 8:03 PM > > >The sound of a small child screaming about being splashed woke Natasha >before she could respond. > OOC: Bliiiink. So, Gyrados is Brittish? Tenchi apologized and sat back down next to Natasha. ", i have to tell you something." "Whats wrong?" Tenchi took her hand gently, trying to prepare for thr worst. "I talked to Blazer..." TBC <[^;^]> Beware the Chibi-Pika! Pikachu: Blepabi! Misty: Pikablu is real i tell you! Real! Brock: Boy, that Nestina is hot! Ash: The weed really fucked you three up, didn't it? Teacher: Are you sleeping in class? Student: No, i'm not...zZzZzZzZz