From: Otaku67 <> Subject: [PW!] Victory road, he we come! Date: Sunday, June 06, 1999 4:37 PM > > >Natasha blinked. "The Pokémon League...I've always dreamed about it, but >never thought I'd get there." > >They quickly reached the Pokémon Center. It was surprisingly packed with >people. "Excuse me, Nurse Joy? We'd like two rooms for overnight..." > >"Oh, I'm sorry. We only have one left, or you can just sleep out here." >Nurse Joy pointed to a small patch of empty floorspace in the corner. > >"Yeesh..." She paused. "Uh, then we'll take that room." > >Nurse Joy led them down the hall. > Tenchi was giddy with joy. He was finnaly spending the night with Natasha. Atmepting to control his happines, Tenchi stepped into the room. One bed. Natasha excused herself, and went into the bathroom to change. Tenchi nodded, and floped down onto the bed. He never wore anything else, just had 10 sets of the same clothes. A few minutes later, Natasha came out, and saw Tenchi already asleep. "Poor guy. That fight really drained him." She layed down on the bed, and kissed him on the forehead, careful not to wake him. Natasha then pulled the covers up over the both of them, and curled up next to Tenchi, resting her head on his stomach. Tenchi woke up a few hours later, but saw Natasha resting. He decided not to ruin her peacful slumber, and stroked her back. She smiled in her sleep, dreaming of her future with Tenchi. Then next morning, Natasha awoke to find Tenchi asleep, with his arm around her. She smiled, and slipped out of his arms to get dressed. Shaking him, Natasha woke Tenchi up and the two of them headed over to a diner. During the meal, Tenchi excused himself and headed across the street to a small shop. He came back a few minutes later with a small bag. "Whats that?" Natasha asked, swallowing a piece of sasage. Tenchi took a small box out out of the bag, and opened it. Inside was a ring with a small dimond on it, and a necklace with a miniture locket on it. Natasha's eyes sparkled and grew wide. " did you pay for this? It must have cost a fortune!" Tenchi smiled. "I've had a trust fund since i was born. My parents let it grow for 19 years, and by the end, it was $50,000. The necklace and ring cost me almost the entire thing, but it was worth it." "Oh shouldn't have." "I wanted to." He embraced her with a kiss. She returned the kiss, and soon they were quickly ejected from the resturant for "lued behavior" They walked up to the pokemon leauge building. "You may only pass if you have the bolderbadge." They showed the guard the badges. "Ok, go right ahead." [skip next 7 guards] They had finnaly made it. All they had to do was make it throug the cave, and they would be at Indigo Platau. Steping through the doors, Tenchi and Natasha entered Victory road. TBC -otaku67 Dejavu strikes when you least expect it. And it packs one helluva punch Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to Microsoft. Microsoft leads to suffering Pikachu: NiAk. Ash: Pikachu, did you get into my weed again?