From: Magic T. Dragon <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Victory road, he we come! Date: Monday, June 07, 1999 7:38 AM [OOC: This starts a new thread instead of a *normal* reply because Earthlink threw the post out the window, but that wonderful thing called *had* this post. Hooray!] Otaku67 wrote: > They had finnaly made it. All they had to do was make it throug the cave, and > they would be at Indigo Platau. Steping through the doors, Tenchi and Natasha > entered Victory road. The very few lights in Victory Road were not nearly enough to light the way. Between a flashlight and Charmander's tail, the dark was reduced to flickering shadows. A Golbat screeched as it flew by, complaining bitterly about the light. Evidently, someone had just come through, because all the doors had been triggered open. Suddenly, a girl ran up to them. "You looked at me, didn't you?" "Uh, no..." "Yes, you did!! Now we have to battle!" Natasha shrugged...oh well, she needed experience before the "big battle". "Go, Sandslash!" "Hmm...go, Scyther!" "Dig, Sandslash!" 'Fly higher... When he comes back up, Slash.' The Sandslash suddenly erupted from the cave's bottom. It looked around, confused that it hadn't hit anything. 'Now!' "Scytheeeer!" "Sand...SLASH!!" Sandslash turned around just in time to see Scyther's blade connect with his side. It returned the attack with a Slash of its own. 'Get back! Swords Dance and Slash again.' "Sandslash, Sand-Attack!" Scyther completed Swords Dance and moved down to Slash again. Just before he reached Sandslash, a cloud of sand hit him in the eyes. 'Hold on...he's right there...' Natasha concentrated and projected an image of Sandslash and Scyther. Scyther rubbed his eyes with the back of one blade and got a solid Slash in with the other. "Oh no...Sandslash, return! That was my last Pokémon, too..." Natasha handed the Lass a Revive and continued walking. --Natasha V. Who, naturally, has to leave for breakfast before she can *finish* this, but go ahead and continue from here.