From: NinjaMecha <> Subject: [PW!] We're getting married! Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 6:19 PM It was getting dark, and soon some gurad would force them off the beach. Tenchi and Natasha headed up to the hotel, when they saw a sign "Marrigae done 24/7" They looked at each other, and ran into the small building. After ten minutes of setting up, and a quick stop to buy some rings, they marched down the asile. There pokemon were present as witnesses. "I know prenounce you man and wife." They kissed, and headed up to to thier hotel room. TBC brain power left <[^;^]> Beware the Chibi-Pika! Pikachu: Blepabi! Misty: Pikablu is real i tell you! Real! Brock: Boy, that Nestina is hot! Ash: The weed really fucked you three up, didn't it? Teacher: Are you sleeping in class? Student: No, i'm not...zZzZzZzZz