From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] What an Alluring Scent! Date: Sunday, June 27, 1999 11:52 PM After wandering around the Celadon City Gym for about half an hour, Minax finally finds the perfume store. She leans over a glass counter, looking at all the differently shaped bottles filled with purple, yellow, and pink liquids. She notices a small bell on top of the counter and slams her hand down on it twice. "Yes, miss?" A bright-eyed young woman with flowing purple hair runs over towards where Minax is standing, but on the other side of the counter, "May I help you?" "Yeah." Minax looks from left to right, to make sure no one is listening other than the woman behind the counter, "Can you make me smell pretty? I don't have a chance to take showers very often." The purple haired lady smiles, "Sure! Any scent in particular?" "Something that smells stronger than blood." Minax answers, narrowing her eyes at the woman. The woman sweatdrops, nods, and starts to search under the counter, "Be with you in a moment!" While waiting, Minax's thoughts turn towards that fellow she met earlier. She whispers to herself, "That Shard guy was interesting... He sure didn't behave like the Team Rocket profile said he would, though. Well, I doubt anyone could behave like themselves around the most beautiful woman in the known universe!" Minax smiles, as she gazes into a nearby mirror... She pouts her lips a certain way, just to see how it looks. "But maybe it was something else... Maybe that profile in the Team Rocket data banks was outdated... Let me see..." Minax quickly draws out her Communicator and reaches for the small keypad found opposite the screen where her Boss' picture is known to pop up on occasion. She types in her own name: Minax. "File not found?!" The young woman attending Minax calls out, "Did you say something, dear?" "Oh... nothing... Don't mind me." Minax furrows her brow down at the Communicator in her hands. Next, she types in the name 'Marcie.' A picture of a fifteen year old girl with hair dyed an ostentatious shade of bright red shows up on the screen, "Marcie... Age 15?! Those lazy bastards haven't updated this since I joined!" "Joined what?" The purple-haired woman pops up from behind the counter, holding a small bottle filled with pink liquid. The bottle has a small atomizer as a lid. Minax quickly shuts her Communicator and stuffs it into the black sack on her belt, "Oh... Just that Fighting Pokemon Gym in Saffron City! I've got a Poliwhirl who's been kicking all their butts!" The young woman looks confused, "But Poliwhirl isn't a Fighting Pokemon... Poliwrath, the evolved form of Poliwhirl, is... but you need a Water Stone to do that. Those Karate guys must really be lowering their standards ever since the Psychic Gym took over as the official Gym there. Anyhow, here's a very strong perfume. It's called Subversion." "Really? Sounds like a perfect perfume name for a perfect woman like me." Minax grins slightly, and takes the bottle from the woman. She squeezes the end of the atomizer and a spray of the perfume falls onto her hand. She raises her hand up to her face, but before it gets there, she can smell a very strong aroma that resembles acidic flower petals in full bloom. Though the woman behind the counter's eyes begin to water from the strength of the perfume, Minax places her hand directly under her nose and directly inhales the scent. Minax sighs, "It's wonderful! How much?" "Just 200 coins..." The woman answers, her eyes spilling tears, not being able to handle the perfume's strong, but alluring scent. Minax pulls out one of her 1000 value coins and places it on the counter. After receiving her change, she sprays some of the perfume on her cheeks and more on her hands. Once she finishes applying it to her body, she places the small bottle into the sack on her belt. She's about to leave the Gym, when she asks the woman behind the counter, "Where might I find one of these... Water Stones?" The purple-haired woman is holding her nose while she answers, "Celadon City Mega Pokemart... One of the largest buildings in town... Can't miss it." "Thanks." Minax takes one last loving glance into the face looking back at her on the mirror, then jogs away. -Minax