From: Saber <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Where the hell is Raven? Date: Monday, June 14, 1999 1:11 PM Saber suddenly looked around, and noticed Sirius was missing. "Damnit, where'd he get to??" "You mean your friend? He left a few minutes ago, while you were checking the Pokecenter." Felix said. "Ahhh, crap. Listen, I gotta go. Maybe we'll meet up again." Saber said hurriedly, while taking a Poke Ball off his belt. "Ciao." He took off towards the Fuschia shore, taking one last look at his house. #Next time, I'll be ready to face them. I just need a little more self confidence# ----- Felix watched as Saber ran, and jumped off the clif by the water. #Weird guy.# ----- While descending towards the water at an alarming rate, Saber called out his Gyarados. "UV-ultra, I choose you!" UV-ultra's ball landed in the water and popped open. The giant sea serpent rose out of the water to meet his rapidily descending master, who landed on his (UV-ultra's) back. "Head for Ivory Island!" Saber yelled, above the sound of the surf crashing on the shore. "Gyaaaaaaar." Saber settled in for a long trip. It would be at least 2 hours before he reached Ivory Island, which was below Cinnibar. He had taught UV-ultra the way there when he was researching in the ATR training center. TBC? ----- Does a water Pokemon technically have to know Surf to transport people? I know its like that in the game, but I'm pretty sure a water pokemon could swim without knowing that specific attack. ------------------------ Saber's Sig v2.3 ***Saber means "to know."*** Team Rocket HQ: Email: My Deathday: Tuesday, April 3, 2057 "Aye, for the vile WebTV users know not of English." - Cat-Gonk