From: "Gatorade" John Wilcox <> Subject: [PW] Willie arrives in Pallet Town Date: Monday, June 28, 1999 8:26 PM Pallet Town :7:36 AM 'Whew! what a long trip!' Willie thought after a 12 hour trip from Vermillion to Pallet. 'Where is Prof Oaks Lab, oh there is it is!' Wille found the big building in the little Pallet Town. 'Not open till 8:00! Now what I'm going to do here might as well find wild pokemon'. Willie found wild Ratatas in the tall grass. "GO Vulpix" as Willie throws the the pokeball like a football and Vulpix comes out of the pokeball. "Confuse Ray now!" as Vulpix sent out swirling rays and the Ratatas became confused and start attacking themselves. " "Ember now!' as Vulpix spins its fiery tail around burning the Ratatas. As the Ratatas ran, Prof Oaks Lab opened. 'Ahh, It's 8:00 now'. Willie walks in the the lab as Prof Oak is talking to a Bulbasaur. "Hiya, Prof Oak. I'm Willie Bolton of the Army. I heard you had some cool pokemon stuff". "Well I do Willie. Do you have pokemon?" Wille answers ''Yeah. I have a electric/fire pokemon combo with high attacks given to me from Lt. Surge". Prof. Oak gets some boxes from the closet. "Here is a pokedex, it shows data of all 150 pokemon you see. And here take this!" "What is it?" Willie asked "It is a TM called Light Screen, it protects your pokemon from special attacks." "Thanks Prof Oak, I'll go on my way" as Willie is about to leave, Prod Oak yelled "Willie!" "Yeah?:" "Can you take care this pokemon for this for me?" "Sure. what is it" "It's a Poliwag I found sick in the bay. It'll be very useful against Brock's rock pokemon since fire and electric pokemon are weak to rock pokemon" "Thanks a lot Prof Oak! I'll see ya later". As Willie goes on his way to Viridian City when sees a flock of Pidgeys attacking a girl.