From: Zephyr <> Subject: [PW!][Part1]Final Revelation: Zephyr Times Three Date: Saturday, June 19, 1999 10:17 PM After a half-hour of traveling Zephyr arrived at Cinnabar Island. "You're never going to win", said a voice in Zephyr's head. "And you would know this how?" said Zephyr as he mentally blocked the voice. " We must go kill pokemon that are a threat to Mewtwo", said a third voice in Zephyr's head. " Quiet you, your obsession will get you nowhere", said Zephyr as he mentally blocked that voice as well. Out of nowhere Zephyr was hit a psychic force as the two voices begun to argue with Zephyr. "Shut up I can't concentrate", screamed Zephyr as the two voices continued their argument which in return caused Zephyr to lose his concentration causing him to come crashing down. "I wonder where I should head next", said Insanellama as he was walking down Cinnabar Road as Zephyr came crashing down in front of him. "Hi, Zephyr are you okay", said Insanellama as Zephyr grabbed him by the throat. "Shut up you insolent human", said Zephyr as Insanellama struggled to break free. "What's wrong Zephyr don't you remember me", said Insanellama as he broke free and fell to the ground. "Insanellama?" said Zephyr as he began to regain control but was suddenly blocked out by another personality. "No I don't remember you!" Zephyr yelled. "What's wrong with you!" Insanellama yelled out trying to get through to Zephyr. "Nothing is wrong with.Insanellama help me", said Zephyr as another voice cut him off and pleaded for help. "Zephyr it's me. Remember me we first met at the plain north of Pewter City. Remember Zephyr please", said Insanellama as he pleaded Zephyr to remember. "Insanellama! Help me there are other voices inside my head and they ah!" said Zephyr as he collapsed on his knees. "Fight them Zephyr. Fight them!" Insanellama screamed in an attempt to encourage Zephyr to fight the other voices. "Help me!" Zephyr screamed as he began to glow faintly. "Fight them! Please you have to fight them!" yelled Insanellama. "I can't. I.Ahh!" Zephyr screamed as a bright light flashed causing Insanellama to close his eyes. "Are you okay Zephyr....s?" said Insanellama surprised and confused as he saw the three Zephyrs looking at each other. TBC...... -- Hail Butterena! OH MY GODDISH!! Email ICQ# 36610879 Feel the wrath of Butterfree 3 Evil prepare for devastation. We will break down your corrupted nation, A ray of hope in chaos, Team Hurricane blast off with the power of wind, Surrender now because you will never win..--Team Hurricane Motto