From: Chuck Einhorn <> Subject: [PW!]A Grand ol' Time in Saffron, Part 2(finally!) Date: Monday, August 09, 1999 5:02 PM Ok, Ok, I know, I said I would have this up tommorow, last TUESDAY, but I've had precious little time. Tornado cleanup, regular chores, and family get-to-gethers can eat away at your time. Well, I'm trying, don't worry! If you thought I did bad, imposible stuff last time, don't worry, this will explain your questions most likely. Here go's nothin'...... After a good week of walking, Dernam finally found himself in Saffron. He looked around at the streets. He'd always imagined them being busy, bussling, and full of people, but traffic was light. He was plesantly suprised. He called out Magnemite. Magnemite zipped out of his pocket in the backpack. "Magnemite, were is the Pokémon Center?" he inqiured. Magnemite thought a bit. Then it aimed it's eye up, and it's magnets twitched. Dernam thought it looked cute. It must be looking for a sattelite. It then turned, and led him through the streets. He eventually came upon the center. He walked in and handed his 3 balls to the nurse. He was suprised by her resemblence to Nurse Joy back in Fuschia, but he kept cool and waited for his Pokémon to be refreshed. He left and thought of what to do next. Of course, he thought of what he had done all the way up, and that was eat his own cooking, which left much to be desired. He absolutely MUSt find a decent place to eat. He asked Magnemite, and it again led him through the streets till he came to a small, open air cafe. It was built alongside a building that housed the kitchen, with a 9-foot tall art-deco wall in front, with 7 foot-tall walls on the sides. As he walked toward the hole in the wall that was the door, he slipped on his observationary glasses. They appeared to be sunglasses, but they were more akin to one-way mirrors. While he saw the world from behind the equivilant of a car windshield, his eyes were totally hidden behind the glasses, allowing him to get an unadultered look at things without being obvious. He walked into the cafe and looked around. The tables were in a radiating oblong x, with rows of tables forming v's in the gaps. A waiter standing by the door greeted him. "Please seat yourself, sir." he said in a deep, gravely voice. Dernam thought he may have done a lot of screaming as a child. That, or puberty was really going nasty on him. "Thank you, I intend to do just that." He looked and found an empty table in the right corner. He walked over and put his back to the wall. This was probably the safest position in the whole place. The first day Wild Bill Hickhock threw caution to the wind and sat away from a wall, he got shot. That wasn't a good thing. He looked at the table. It was a fancy looking, yet cheap, wireframe thing, with a piece of glass on top. The menu was placed between the true table-top and the glass. He glanced at it quickly. He heard music, and quickly identified it as Fastball's Out of My Head. Good song. A pretty blond waitress came and he ordered a hamburger and some onion rings. He sat there for awhile, talking the best he could with Magnemite as he waited for his food. Fastball ended, and an old lovey-dovey song by Phil Collins came on. He absolutely hated this song. He decided to take the take to look around. He could see 2 guys and a girl at the center. On the far left corner was a guy and someone who appeared to be his girlfriend. He saw some girls about his age sitting and giggling hust to the right of the middle. He saw couples, business men, groups of friends, white people, black people, asians, a grand melting pot of the human race. He just hoped he didn't stand out. He began to think of how obvious his weaponry was. The handle of his sword was over his left shoulder. It had a 10-inch handle, black, and a 24-inch double-edged blade, titanium-steel alloy, acid-ecthed. He realized it wasn't a practical weapon, mostly for backup and last resort. His modular bo was over his right shoulder. It came in 2 parts, 1 that was straight, with one end smaller then the other. The other had a 4 part lotus-type opening. The smaller end was placed through the opening, and the "petals" closed over it, locking it in place. It was made of sturdy aluminum-steel, with an interior of carbon-honeycomb compound, making it sturdy but light. it was much more practical, as it wouldn't kill so much. His sais were tucked in under his shirt, and he had a boot knife, but those were hidden. He also thought of the Pokémon he had. Gyarados was a bit larger than normal, 22 feet, 6 inches long, weight 559 pounds. The main reason for it's size was the fact that it was a she. Because Magikarp have such a high mortality rate, the female must produce alot of eggs, and thus was larger than a male. She had great strength, but was slower than the smaller males. She was the standard blue, white belly, yellow spots variety. She knew how to Tackle, Bite, Dragon Rage, Leer, and Hydro Pump, and he had taught her how to Bind and Slam, much like an Onix. She had a vicious roar that could easily scare away almost all but the most fearless of enemies. Scyther was also female, but for her spiecies, she was thus smaller, at 4 feet 7 inches tall, and 114 pounds. Her coloration was unigue, a sort of calico cat, were her body was green, with blending patches of beige, brown and black. It reminded him of camoflague. She was the opposite of Gyarados, not as strong as here male counterparts, but faster and more nimble. She knew how to use Quick Attack, Leer, Focus Energy, Double Team, Slash, Swords Dance, and Agility. He had personally trained her to use Fury Swipes, Karate Chop, Take Down, Double Kick, and was trying to teach her how to use her wings for a nice Hi Jump Kick, but she didn't have it down yet. Nidorino was male, of course, but not typical. He fought more like a Nidorina, prefering to use his claws and teeth then his horn. He was pretty typical otherwise, exactly 3 feet high, 46 pounds. He was a shade or two darker than normal, but he didn't stand out as such. He knew Leer, Tackle, Horn Attack, Poison Sting, Focus Energy, Fury Attack, Horn Drill, and had recently learned Double Kick. He also had been taught to Bite, Fury Swipe, use Rolling Kick, and Headbutt. Not to mention that he had Toxic from back in the Koga days. Dernam was itching to get his hands on a Moon Stone. Graciously, the Phil Collins song stopped, and a new song, Everlast's What It's Like came on. He really liked this song. He saw the waitress coming with his order. He began to sing the song quietly to himself. He didn't mind the swearing. Censorship was for Sunday Morning Cartoons, not music. He personally couldn't even understand some of the lyrics, but he liked it that way. It left more to the mind's eye, more room for personal interpritation. As the first part of the song went past, a quick movement near the center of the room caught his eye. He turned his head towards the group of girls he had seen, then moved his eyes toward the middle table. On the left was a boy, perhaps 10, wearing blue jeans, a re and white jacket, and a red hat. A Pikachu, probably his, sat next to him, munching on some fruit. In the middle of the table was a girl, maybe 11 or 12, red head, holding an egg-like thing. She had been the quick movement he saw. She had apparently been shocked by what Whity Ford was saying, and now had her fingers in the egg-things ears. He tried to make it a point not to look, but she was wearing a cut-off yellow shirt, suspenders(suspenders?), and short shorts. The third one, on his right, was another guy, perhaps 13 0r 14, with dark skin, squinted eyes, and wearing a vest. It appeared he had tyied to ask one of the girls out, but got dumped. He also noticed many of the girls smiling, giggling, and waving at him. He chewed on his hamburger and ignored them. He wasn't impressed by such immaturity. This didn't intrest him much, really, but something else caught his eye. At the opposite corner was yet another group, a guy and a girl he had seen later. They had on casual dress and the male had on sunglasses. They weren't to special at first, but he noticed odd behavior. The looked around like everyone else, but they did id to MUCH. They were constantly moving there gave, looking the longest at the blond waitress and deep-voiced waiter. But ecspecially at the middle group. Everlast ended and Eve 6, Inside out, radiated from the corner jukebox.. He tried to tell what they were doing. After some observation, he decided that they were staring at the Pikachu. There eyes followed it's every move. They weren't being to professional about it, and he could tell exactly what was going on. They wanted that Pkachu. Bad. They must be looking at the waitress and waiter because they could call the police, and ruin their plans. Somethin' would be going down soon. Then the little mouse made a wrong move. It settled down next to the girl's right arm, as close to the 2 perps and as far from his friends as he could be. Eve 6 stopped, and the 2 possible thieves looked at each other, and stood up. It was go time. Dernam stuffed the last bit of hamburger into his mouth, put magnemite in his backpack hangar, slipped the pack on, and stood up. He prayed with all his might to get a good fighting song, Maybe Whiskey in the Jar by Metallica, Sikamikanico from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ozzy Osbourne, Ol' Dirty Bastard, and Crystal Method's Vapor Trail, or even Elton John's Saturday Night's all Right for Fighting. He got Ricky Martin's The Cup of Life. Hell, he'd be embarrassed to tell his friends he had even listened to this song, let alone fought to it. But now was not the time. Ricky or no, he had to act. the two thieves walked toward the middle table at full tilt. He walked casually, so as not to draw attention. He drew Scyther's pokéball, and walked. It happened just as he planned at firrst. The Pikachu looked up and saw him, and got nervous. It backed up to the edge of the table. Th kid in the red jacket looked up and said something to the girl. She too looked up and began talking quickly, hitting the older boy in the shoulder. She then picked up the egg and talked to it awhile. The 2 perps were close now..........he decided to act. He tapped the ball, and felt it fill his hand. The girl ended her conversation with the egg-thing to sweat a little. Dernam had decided a long time ago not to say anything while trowing a ball. It was slow and wasteful. He drew it over his left shoulder, and gave it a good back-hand toss. The electric mouse got the pont. As Scyther came out of the ball, the Pikachu jumped over to it's master, now on the floor. Scyther's left bladed hand came down, right were the Pikachu was.....and immediatly grabbed by accident by the thief girl. Scyther was standing there, looking at 2 people, one of which had a deathgrip on her claw. She was throughly pissed off. She waited for an order. Dernam punched the table he was standing by, an audial order meaning basiclly "one attack, await results." Scyther screamed, and lunged forward, spreading her arms, blades back, and clotheslined the perpatrators. The girl, who appeared to be stunned from the experience, dove under the table, yelling about bugs. This was funny. Scyther assumed a ready position. The two would-be thieves stood up. "You little punk!" the girl shouted. "Do you realize what you just did?" Yeah, I whooped yo ass, he thought. "Prepare for trouble." "Make it double." "To protect the world from devastation." "To unite all people within our nation." "Jesse!" "James!" Jesse? James? Jesse James? Coincidence, I think not. "Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!" Team Rocket? That was corny as hell, he thought. "Surrender now, or prepare to fight!" Gladly. Dernam thought that was the most moronic thing he had ever heard. And there outfit's didn't exactly look like they were made by Abercrombie & Fitch. He couldn't help but smile. "Ohh, never mind." Jesse said. "Arbok!" James added, "Weezing!" Dernam was a little concerned. Scyther may have more stamina, attack, and speed than either a Weezing or Arbok, but they had the elemental advantage, as well as greater numbers. Scyther became conserned. She backed up, and her abdomen poked at the red-head under the table's face, making here scream. People were closing in for a closer look. Idiots. They could be in danger. A Weezing can't easily aim a Smog attack. Putting their lives at risk for a cheap thrill. How moronic. Dernam decided to get them out of the way, and assist Scyther. He could have used Nidorino, but the people wouldn't leave. He needed to scare them away. And who else to do the job than a true Leviathan? Gyarados was perfect for instilling a sense of terror. A massive Pokémon could easily be assumed to not always follow commands because of their feelings of superiority. People understood this, and realized that the Pokémon might literally be a loose cannon. Gyarados, however, listened to him without exception. He had saved it when it was beached as a Magikarp, and took care of it despite what all others said. Such things were not forgotted easily. He let fly, and Gyarados came out, letting out a blood-curdling scream. It knocked a few people down when it appeared, and her appearance was followed by screams and a general rush for the door. Dernam figured the 2 "Team Rocket" punks would have liked to do the same. But it was to late for that. Dernam gave another order. 1 rap on a surface with both hands ment "do as you will." Scyther and Gyarados loved that. Gyarados took off, slammed the Arbok, and flew on. Dernam loved Gyarados's graceful, undulating motion of flight. The Arbok attempted a Counter, but Scyther rammed it from the side. Gyarados sprayed them all with a Hydro pump. Scyther gave Slashes all around. Gyarados bit the Weezing hard, and Scyther knocked the Arbok down with an effective Take Down. They were all in heap now, Arbok, Weezing, Rocket one, Rocket two. Gyarados saw an opening. She reared up, and swung her tail at the group. They went flying. Beautiful. Beautiful. Dernam had to go now. He didn't want recognition, the feeling of accomplishment was enough. He walked towards the door. Then he remembered a great scene from an old Star Wars movie. He reached into his pocket and drew out a half-dollar. He flipped it to the waiter, and did his best Harrison Ford. "Sorry about the mess." He walked out the door and turned left. A policewoman with a striking resemblence to Officer Jenny back in Fuschia pulled up in a motorcycle. She got out and walked his way. He pointed at the door. "Better hurry Officer. It's real bad back there." She gave him a suspicious look, then walked on. He turned the corner, then heard yelling. Followed by rapid footsteps. Crud. He quickly looked for an escape route. The nearest shop was too far. So was the opposite side of the street. But then he noticed the cafe wall. The front wall was very tall, to provide privacy from the adjacent building. This was unnessacary for the sides, so the owner had saved a few bucks by making them smaller. He easily grabbed the top and flung himself over. He landed on the other side quietly, leaving nothing but empty street for his persuers. He looked around. The place was a soaked mess. The waiter and waitress were gone. He decided the half dollar just wouldn't foot the bill. He got over the other low wall and left the opposite way. He was tired now. He needed a rest, even if he hadn't done musch work. He looked for a hotel. He found a nice, but affordable place to stay. He checked in to room 59. He threw his stuff down, amd made himself at home. He went to the bathroom, took a shower, and brushed his teeth(chicks dig a good set of pearly whites, his father used to say.) He turned on the TV. HBO had a Jackie Chan marathon going. He watched the TV, but Magnemite was impatient. Dernam tried to give him something to do. He finally decided to put him on survailence, after reading his owner's manual. He got lucky. Halfway through Rumble in the Bronx, at about 9:30 P.M., Magnemite went nuts. Dernam had no idea what was wrong. Magnemite dropped one of his screws, and it was attached to a cord. He looked at his owner's manual, and found an input jack on his Pokédex. He plugged the "screw" into it, and an image came up on the screen. The words "IR camera" blinked a few times. Then, a picture slowly formed. 2 figures, one short, one a head taller, made out of varying shades of Red, yelloy, orange and white showed up, threw the wall.....and 1 electric mouse. Crap. Room 57 was occupied by the two kids from earlier. This put his anominomy at risk. You else to blab than the people moxst likely to freak out at the side of him? He grabbed Magnemite and turned him towards the opposite wall. A short, slender figure holding an egg-shaped creature. Surrounded. Double crap. This was not good AT all. He had to decide a course of action. He guessed they had had a long day. He was used to getting up early. Bingo. He set his clock to 5:00 A.M. He looked back at the guys. They were already in bed. He turned it to the girl's side. She was rocking the egg-think. Jesus, he thought. She treats that thing like a baby. She leaned over and did something , and some small red spots appeared on his screen. He looked beside himself. A radio. He turned it on. Cheyrl Crow's Sweet Child of Mine came on. He didn't like this song one bit. The girl rocked it some more, and it fell asleep, apparently. She sat there for a mometn, then put it down. She reached up and, apparently wiped away a tear. Dernam thought. "Here was a girl, so moved by this song and her love for this egg-guy, that she is moved to the point of sobbing with love." "Panzy." He couldn't help but bust a gut on that one. He laughed loud and long. She could probably hear him, but he wasn't afraid of that. He'd be gone before she even woke up. He was sure of that. His alarm went of at 5:00A.M., right on time. He got up and got his clothes on. He slpped his pack on, and ordered Magnemite into his pocket. He wshed his face, brushed again, and went back into the room. He cleaned up, removed all evidence that he had been there. He looked at the draped windows. It looked like a bright, sunny, perfect day. He walked over to the window, and opened it up. News vans in the parking lot. Reporters swarming. This was worse than ever. He couldn't escape loke this. He called Magnemite out, and turned on the IR camera. He aimed it at the end of the hall. Tall woman walking towards his room. Jenny look-a-like perhaps? Bad,bad,badbadbadbad. He retreated to the bathroom. He looked around. No way out. No windows, no, trapdoors, He looked up. He HAD turned a fan on when he took a shower, and he saw it, right above the toilet. He took a closer look. It was hinged on one side, and on the other, was held up by two screws, with wide plastic tops on them, for easier turning. He quickly unscrewed them, and the an swung down. He looked up. The duct had to accomadate the whole floor, so it was quite wide. He could easily fit in. "This only happens in movies and bad fanfics....." he thought to himself. He didn't complain further. He crawled inside, making sure to bring his pack. A knock at the door. Hurry, hurry........ He swung the fan shut, and turned the screws with his fingers throught the grating of the fan installment. He slid himself backwards, and waited. Then he thoguht that she might find this suspicoius. He'd better get somewhere safer. They'd tear up his room. But someone else's room...... That had him thinking. The 3 people that had him surrounded may be more likely to freak out, but also more likely to do him a favor. But they were probably still asleep this early. And who's room to go to? He supposed the guy's room would be the most socially acceptable. But they had another little problem....a pikachu. Pikachu's had great hearing. It would hear him a mile away. And when it did wake up, it could easily sniff him out. Thundershock didn't sound too pleasant. But the other room..... What was there? A 11 or 12 year-old girl, terribly afraid of bugs. Scyther could shut her up easily. And the egg probably didn't have the super-senses of a Pikachu. Easy entery, easy hide, easy out. Sounded like a plan to him. He crawled through the duct, silently pushing his pack ahead of him. He could hear things below him, but he was confident he was silent to them. He could see light head. He soon came to the next room's fan. Same setup as before. He quickly unscrewed it and swung it down quietly. He dropped down, then reached up for his backpack. He looked to the door, and slipped on his gloves. No use in leaving prints. He walked over and eased it open. He peeked inside. The girl from earlier was asleep, holding the little egg. How cute. Now, to business. He needed a place to hide. Bathroom? Yeah right. Closet? Corny. No large things to get under. Except the bed. Hey, it's better than nothing. He tiptoed over and knelt down. He stealthily slid under the bed. It was high enough for him to turn his head side to side, but low enough he couldnn't be seen unless he was intentionally looked for. She wasn't storing anything under the bed, so she had no other reason to look. Excellent. He stayed under the bed for what seemed like hours. Then, he heard knocking on the door. Her friends perhaps? The girl got up, and walked over to the window and looked outside. Then she walked to the door and opened it. "Hello, mam, I......hey, wait, I saw you yesterday, didn't I?" Nope, Jenny-look-alike. "Uhh, yaa, you did." "You wouldn't happen to have seen the guy from the cafe again, have you?" "No. Why?" Good girl. "Turns out, the receptionist here saw the artist's conception you and your friends helped us make, and said he checked into the room next door." "Then why don't you go to his room?" "Simple. I did. He isn't there." Duh. "But the receptionist says he hasn't left. He isn't here is he?" No, he's not here. Hehehehe. "No! I would have killed him before he got in here!" He checked his pulse. "Well, OK, I'll take your word for it. If you do see him again, don't hesitate to tell me." Hesitate all you want. "Ok, and by the way.......what's with the press outside." "Oh, them? The press is hailing him as a hero, what with stopping Team Rocket, and all." Hero. Damn. "Well, ok, good-bye." "Good-bye!" Good riddance. Green day, great song. The girl sighed. Then she started rummaging around. She turned the radio on. Then she went over to the bathroom, holding some clean clothes. Probably going to take a shower. Good. At least she wouldn't come out with nothing but a towel on, or worse. He relaxed a little. The song on the radio was a classic, Elton John, Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me. He liked his music a little louder and volital, but this was still good stuff. He tried to get comfortable. But the egg-thing crawling around on the bed made him nervous. Then, the moment of truth. He heard it give a loud "Bbbbrrriiiiiiiiiii!". It fell of the bed, flipped over........and saw him. It's eyes ballooned. Crap. His security was now breached. He could reason with it, but judging by the way the girl treated it, it was too young. He couldn't knock it out or hide it. Below the bed would be the first place she'd look. No, he had to go straight to the source. He couldn't leave the room. Reporters and cops everywhere, probably. Liitle egg to give away his position. He'd have to come out of hiding, and talk to the girl directly. But the first thing she'd do is scream when she saw him, so.......a non-lethal ambush would be best. He shot a hand at the egg, and covered it's mouth. He came out from under the bed. He placed the egg-guy on the nightstand, and turned the radio up. That should give him a little cover noise. He walked over to the door, and stood beside it, to his right, away from the way the door opens. The egg was looking at him. He didn't care. Sugar Ray's Somday came on. The shower stopped. A minute or two later, the door opened she walked out, dressed luckily. "Hi, Togepi, you miss me?" So it was called Togepi. She looked at the "Togepi" again. Now or never. He shot his hand and closed it over her mouth. He turned her head at him so she could get a good look. He pulled his hand back and motioned over his mouth. "Shh." She got angery fast. "Why you...." "Shh." He remembered a scene in an old movie he saw. "How did...." "Shh." I'm gonna..." "Shh." "When Ash and...." So, one of them was named Ash. "Let me introduce you to a man called Shh! When he says Shh! you Shh!" "I..." "Zipit." "B.." "Zipit." "Y.." "Zipit." "O.." "When a problem comes along, you must Zipit." "I.." "Zipit." "B.." "Zipit good." He had really enjoyed Austin powers. He decided to shut her up, get her to cool down. He remembered the effect swearing had on her last time. "To be quite honest, madam, I'm telling you to shut the hell up." Worked like a charm. "Now, if you'll slow down and shut up for a while, maybe we can get this straightened out. Any questions?" "Yes, how on Earth did you get in here." "Black Magic." A little sarcasm never hurt nobody. "Uhhhhhhh.....Ok......why are you in my room, you perv?!" "Avoiding the press. They seem to want to make a hero out of me, or something." "Helloooooo!" she said. "Being a hero gets you money and recognition, book deals and women, you know?" He had no use for that. "My, an uninformed one. That's were your wrong! The press makes hero's for one reason. They put you on a pedestal so that you may fall farther down. If they found me, I would never be able to walk the streets. First they'd see me for saving a measly little Pikachu, then for my drug addiction, broken home, and pedophilia." He really believed this "Your WHAT!" "All untrue, of course. But try telling that to The Enquirer." A knock on the door. "Hey, Misty," Ash's voice chimed. "Can Brock and I come in?" So, the young one was Ash, and the older one was Brock. Dernam had a wierd way of picking things like that up. Plus, the girl was Misty. How useful. "Now if you don't mind, I'll be in the bathroom." He walked to the bathroom, and closed the door behind himself. He climbed up, and rescrewed the fan on. He waited. A little bit of talk outside, then the door to the bathroom opened. Someone came in, but he couldn't see. He waited somemore. A flush. He scouted to the edge and looked down. Empty. He still didn't think it was safe. A minute later, the door opened again. The girl "Misty" walked in, looked around, and left. Now he felt it was safe. He dropped down and walked out the door of the bathroom, just as Misty was ready to leave. She looked back with an expression of awe. "Why the suprised look?" "How the heck did you do that?" He grinned wide. "Simple. I take a vile of goat's blood, draw an inverted pentagram with it, chant some stuff in Swahili, then I'm transported up to the mother ship, where I control the U.S. President by remote control." More good, wholehearted sarcasm. "Now you leave. I shall remain here until the press dies down, and then hopefully, we'll never see each other again. And don't forget your Togepunk. You be more careful in the future, Kasumi." "Kasumi? What's that." He grinned. "It means a very disagreeable, bitchy female, in Japanese." technically, the way she had been, he wasn't lieing. "RRRRrrrrr.......just shut up.....hey, what's your name, anyway?" "Brtz Shmertz." It sounded like a bad excusion of something(books shmooks, tests shmests......) but it was really the name of a Hungarian boxer......of the 13th century of course. It would take her forever to figure that out. She left wthout a word. Dernam stayed behind for a while. He had to decide what to do. Then it struck him. The press won't lay off. The fact that he hasn't left, but was here, would keep them there for some time. He had to get out. He knew how. He dug into his backpack and got out his supplies. He went to the pathroom with 2 bottles and some contacts. He came out with blond hair, green eyes, and lighter skin. Gotta love tinted contacts, special body lotion, and hair dye. He changed into a special shirt his friend Bill gave him. It was beige with the familiar Tommy Hilfiger logo, but had the pilsbury doughboy on it, with the words Tummy Pokéfinger. He had drawn on the ' above the e himself. He also put on some khaki's by gap, but he couldn't dance to save his soul. He put on a tiny pair of shades, the kind that seemed to be so in fashion a while back, and a red hat, backwards of course. One last touch. He called out Nidorino. The aggressive Pokémon immediatly took up a fighting stance. "Cool it, Nidorino, your in pet mode." Nidorino instantly calmed down, and started to act friendly. Dernam took his backpack off. It was still too obvious. He pulled some flaps down, put his weapons in it, adjusted the straps and......voila! It was a blue-and-black duffel bag. He slung it over his shoulder, and walked out. He headed towards the door, and waved at the receptionist. Then he thought of an old saying. This joke must be complete. He ordered Nidorino on his back feet. He stood up. Dernam grabbed his front hands and thus WALTZED out the door. Perfect. Of course, the press hounddog showed no intrest in him. A clean getaway. Beautiful. And now, onward with his life. He wanted to do stuff. No time like the present. There! Whoo, I finally got that done. 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