From: Tiger1129 <> Subject: [PW!] A journey begins Date: Tuesday, August 10, 1999 1:00 PM "Here's your guide Growlithe, Jason." The pokemon league representive said placing a leash in his hand. Jason knew that at the other end of that leash was a growlithe that had been bred at his parents ranch for this task. It had then been given to the pokemon guide trainers. and now Inferno was back. Jason felt a leather belt being placed in his free hand. His mother helped him put it on He fet the metal hooks where the pokeballs which would contain his pokemon would hang. There was already one pokeball hanging there. There was also a pouch there it contained five empty pokeballs. "And here's your pokedex, Libro," With that the trainer turned around and walked away, Jason could hear his footsteps. "Well Jason" His mom said. "you're finally ready to leave home." Jason shrugged into his backpack and hugged his mom. "Your father wanted me to give you this." She gave him a wallet, he put it in his backpack. "A little money to help you out." Jason turned around and Inferno led him away. After walking for a few miles Inferno began barking. "What is it boy?" He heard a pokemon nearby and took out his pokedex. "Spearow. A common bird that eats small bugs. It has a harsh temprament than Pidgey." Jason unhooked Inferno so that he could fight. "Inferno bite it." He heard a shrill cry as the dog bit down on the small bird. Spearow retaliated using peck. "Growlithe bite it again.!" Another bite. Spearow was gasping for air. "Pokeball go." Jason said tossing the smooth ball at the bird. He missed the Spearow. Inferno rushed forward and picked up the pokeball in his mouth and dropped it on Spearow. He waited until it had been captured the brought it over to Jason. "Alright my first catch. I think I'll name you Talon." he placed the pokeball on his belt and continued down the road, with Inferno leading him. TBC The Saint