From: Mushboom <> Subject: [PW] A tragic end... Date: Wednesday, August 04, 1999 9:15 PM Darius floated back out on the water in his newly rented inner tube. Starmie caught up with him and was playing with some other water pokemon, wild and trained. He had taken off his wet suit and was now in trunks, the warm sun felt good on his body. At the moment he wasn't thinking about his parents or when and if he was ever going to build a gym. He just relaxed, the small waves rocking the inner tube gently and the sounds of the water breaking on the rocks soothed him to the core. He slowly dozed off and began to snore like a Snorlax. Maybe an hour later Darius was startled awake by loud screaming. He sat up quickly and looked back to shore, all around him giant tentacles were shooting out of the water and snagging random people. At least it seemed random. ---Meanwhile, Underwater--- "Capture only those who imprison innocents in those foul chambers!" the lead Tentacruel yelled to his troops. The army of Tentacools and the occasional Tentacruel floated near the surface, hauling boys, girls, men and women alike down to the depths. Once they had all the humans they could carry, the pokemon drug their victims to an underwater cave. ---Meanwhile, back on the surface--- "Starmie! Save as many as you can!" Darius yelled. Starmie whipped through the water and carried as many helpless humans to safety as possible. Just then a large tentacle grasped the starfish and slammed it onto a big rock. "No! Starmie!" Starmie shuddered in pain and sent out a psychic message 'Why? Why are you doing this?' 'The humans, they trap us pokemon in jails and force us to do their bidding. We will not stand for this. We are the revolution!' 'But they aren't all bad!' pleaded Starmie. 'No, not all humans are cruel. But too many pokemon have suffered at the hands of the humans and we are here to end that torture.' 'But-' 'Silence! Or be executed along with the pitiful humans!' 'I will defend my trainer until death!' 'So be it' with that Starmie was flung into the air by the same tentacle. It attempted to hover but it was paralyzed completely. It plummeted to the water, just as it was about to hit a huge blue beak impaled Starmie. A boy's scream could be heard as the pokemon turned limp and it was pulled underwater. Tears ran down Darius' cheeks as he saw his father's Starmie brutally slaughtered. He tried to speak, to say a prayer or something but the words caught in his throat. Instead he just screamed in anguish. His scream was cut short by the sharp pain that shot through his body. He looked down to see a thick tentacle wrapped around him, he seized up and was pulled down into the sea. ---Later--- Darius flexed his right hand as the feeling flowed back into it. He looked around the crowded cave, other prisoners were sobbing uncontrollably, some attempting to calm the hysterical while others sat silently contemplating the situation. The iron gate near the entrance swung open, revealing an intimidating Pinsir, wielding a revolver, and a Tentacruel. "Puny humans," muttered the Pinsir, Darius guessed he had a translator of some sort. "You," Tentacruel pointed a menacing tentacle at Darius, "come with us." Darius swallowed hard and stood up, walking towards the two pokemon. Pinsir ushered him down a damp cave, the gun firmly placed between Darius' shoulder blades. The Tentacruel shut the door and followed, moving swiftly on his tentacles. They passed through a large opening and into a larger cave, the Pinsir and Tentacruel stopped but motioned for Darius to keep going. Darius obeyed until a bright spotlight shone down onto him and a committee of people and pokemon appeared before him. They sat at a long table, all facing the boy. In the middle sat a Marowak, to its left a young girl with red hair in a short pony tail. To its right, a grayish-blue Poliwrath who spoke first, "You have been accused of pokemon slavery, how do you plead?" "Uh...N-not guilty," Darius stammered, "I never hurt any pokemon." The girl spoke this time, "We never said you did, but what you did do was cruelly enslave innocent creatures." "Yes," the Marowak started, "you are proven, beyond a doubt, guilty of that. You like all the other trainers that will face us shall suffer at the hands of the resistance!" Darius' bottom lip quivered in fear, "The penalty is death!" he gasped and fell to his knees. "No! Please! I'll do anything!" Darius pleaded. "The decision has been made, you cannot deny your crimes against pokemon-kind!" the Poliwrath shouted. Darius began to plead again but was silenced by a sharp pain in his shoulder. He felt something warm flow out of his shoulder and over his chest, the boy looked to his shoulder. A long knife was stabbed deep into his shoulder and blood poured over his exposed skin. "You're g-gonna kill all thos trainers in the prison?" "No, we'll just hold them as prisoners you are an example," Marowak explained, "now prepare yourself." He turned his head to see a tall, muscular man holding another long knife in his hand. Darius let out a shrill scream that echoed through out the cave. Rei stood over the dead body, he sneered and pulled out his weapons. He carefully cleaned them with a cloth and sheathed them. ---Meanwhile, Back in Vermilion on Channel 7 Action News--- "Hello viewers, this is Veronica Walters reporting live from the beach with live breaking news. Many people have been captured during a surprising attack, police refuse to speculate on who did it but this reporter thinks it was the infamous Pokemon Resistance. [a paper is handed to her from off screen] This just in, a body has been found, washed up on shore. The body was a young teenage boy, police investigators say that he was just recently killed. Some witnesses claim to have seen him before, but none no his name..." The reporter rambled on but Rei flicked off the television. Hopefully this raid and that boy would serve as an example for other trainers, and change their ways. -MB TBC? -- Then Dima walked in. "YOU ALL ARE NAKED HAHAHAHAHA" Then Dima shot them all with a machine gun. "When you look this good, you don't have to know anything." -Fry, of Futurama "We're not retreating, we're advancing in another direction." -General A. MacArthur "Do not deny the power of cheese." -Me Jar Jar Binks sucks <bleep>.