From: Yoda Yoderson <> Subject: [PW!] Aerial Combat Date: Saturday, August 14, 1999 2:48 PM P:OTPW!.. [PW!] Speed Demons. Cloud engaged a hot-shot Pidgeotto trainer in the air, and challenged him to an aerial battle. -===---===--===---===--===---===- Cloud looked down upon the kid from his high vantage point in the sky. He smirked, and called out. "You ready kid?" The teenager wiped the blood from his nose, and moved his hair away from his eyes with his hand. "Let's get it on," he responded. And the battle began. Tyrant awaited his opponent, and the Pidgeot dove down to gain some speed. Like before, it became a streak of red and white feathers as it gained speed, diving beak-first down towards the ground. And at the last second, it arched, and flew straight up underneath the Charizard. Tyrant got primed. He flapped his wings, and positioned himself to meet head-on with the Pidgeot. The enemy did not falter. They grew closer.. closer.. closer. The were mere inches away from each other, their eyes locked. Then at the last second, they both turned and flew upwards together, stride for stride. Cloud's eyebrows furrowed. "Let's do this." After flying next to each other, they broke off at the same time. They seperated, and now faced each other, a good length away. The Pidgeot squaked. "GYAOOOOOO!" When he stopped, Tyrant was gone. It looked around nervously, like his trainer. Cloud chuckled. "Now." With that, Tyrant let loose, and revealed his position directly above them. His clawed feet were outstretched, and he was falling . "Looks like we're having chicken tonight." The blow come unexpected. The Pidgeot couldn't retaliate in time, but it was far from over. It recovered, turned, and now it was the attacker. Repediately, it pecked at Tyrant, a giant blur. It's beak was like a razor-hook, digging into the flesh. Tyrant would spit fire, but to no avail as the Pidgeot's reflexes were just too great. Cloud was impressed. He had underestimated this boy. "KID!" he yelled out. "Where'd you get this fast a Pidgeot?" The kid laughed. "Pokémon Island. Too bad the place is closed. It was a once in a life time chance, and I had to sneak it off." Tyrant's instincts soon took over. His eyes began to glow red. His mouth roared, and out came a cyclone of fire; Fire Spin. It englufed the Pidgeot. No way could this attack miss. The Pidgeot began to fly out toward the open side of the Fire Spin, but Tyrant was determined. The farther Pidgeot flew, the closer Tyrant came. Finally, Pidgeot was almost outside of the cyclone of fire. The kid laughed once more. The Pidgeot let loose, putting all he had into escaping. But he didn't count on what he saw next. He saw a black and red figure, glowing. The boy looked back. Cloud's eyes glowed blue and white, beneath his sunglasses. "PIDDGEOOTTTOOOTTTOO!" Corsair was the figure, hovering before the Pidgeot. His eyes glowed the same color as Cloud, and he released his Sky Attack, a release of energy, directed at the Pidgeot. It blew the Pidgeot back into the fire, and that was the final blow. It was over. "YOU CHEATER!!! YOU CAN'T USE OTHER POKÉMON!!!" "Now now, I never said that. I said 'Me vs. You'. Tough luck." "GRRR.. YOU'LL PAAAYYYY FOORRR THhhisss....." the voice grew softer as he fell and fell, Pidgeot too beat to hold him up. "Tyrant," Cloud spoke as he altered the settings on his gauntlet, "Let's get to Fuschia city, I need information on this 'Pokémon Island'. If that kid was right, the Pokémon there are different from any others I've seen before." And once again, they were off. -===---===--===---===--===---===- TBC? -- Yoda "Do. Or do not. There is no try." "The box said 'Win95 or better', so I bought I Mac." -=Unknown AGNPer.=- Yoda...the Web Site. Remove .jedi to reply. "The length of this sig can only mean one thing: AOL sucks."