From: Marcus Yu <> Subject: [PW!] Awakening on an Island Date: Thursday, August 12, 1999 2:24 AM NOTE: This is a legit character. Go check in the archive! Was created on 1/18/99. Suddenly, a limp body of a naked boy shook. "Gurgle," mumbled the boy as he sat up and looked around the sandy beach. It had been five months since he had run away from the Safari Zone and into the sea where he was swept away and knocked unconscious. It seemed that the only reason he had survived in his coma state was because a Psyduck had made a nest in his gaping mouth and he'd accidently swallow a Psyduck egg whole every other day. Good source of protein they were. "Magikarp! Me wake! You wake now!" Deahttub looked at the Magikarp that he was gripping by the tail. "Wake up!" After several attempts at waking up Magikarp, Deahttub realized the truth. His only friend and Pokémon had not been as fortunate as him. Tears began to stream down his cheeks as he sat on his knees and stared up into the sky. "MAGIKARP NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" And all that night Deahttub cried. Deahttub once again woke up on the beach. He peered down and realized he had fallen asleep with the lifeless Magikarp in his arms. He sniffed at the thought of his dead friend and kissed it. Despite it being wrong, Deahttub couldn't help but lick his lips. His tears had made the fish salty and it seemed to taste pretty good. "Me sorry but me eat you now!" With that, Deahttub took a bite. And shattered his teeth. And began to cry. "Psy-yie-yie!" a cry rang out. Deahttub whirled around and found a yellow duck clutching his head. It was a Psyduck and it looked pretty upset at the fact that Deahttub had eaten all its eggs. The Psyduck began to grumble as it walked over to Deahttub who was staring inquisitively. "Psy!" Psyduck screamed as it lifted a leg and urinated on Deahttub's leg. Deahttub's face turned red. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! WHY PSYDUCK DO THAT!!!! PSYDUCK DIE NOW!" Deahttub took the Magikarp in his fist and used it to pound the Psyduck into a bloody pulp. "VICTORY FOR DEAHTTUB!!!! YAY!!!!" [What will happen next to our hero, Deahttub? Is he doomed to stay on the island forever? Stay tuned! To Be Continued. ] -- Marcus Yu "Im 10 years old, thats why im stupid. I wont be as stupid when im _OLDER_" -- Dima, being an idiot. "Kain = two words: SHUT THE FUCK UP!" -- Dima, showing what a genius he is. "Maria Rket is a lesbian" -- Otaku67, making an observation. "I at here by surrendor to the insolent Rob Cypher" -- Jaxel, in a post that made him hated forever by AGNP. TakoTanku: Too bad I don't have a dick Otaku67: *-bleeps- yuri* Otaku67: ::turns into a likitung:: Otaku67: ::uses tounge to probe Yuri:: beron! Otaku67: ::continues to probe Yuri:: Beron! -- Otaku67 caught in an act of cyber-rape. "Are all of you brainless fucks, or do you HAVE matter in those tiny heads of yours?" -- Regulus, who people consider a founding father. "No, for some odd reason I read my killfile." -- Sailor Pika, in a quote that says everything about her. Scythrscy: Dad just spent twenty minutes yelling at me for no reaso. ScytherNMk: *laughs* -- ScytherNMk showing off what a great guy he is. Takotchi: ::rips off Marcus's penis and shoves it in his mouth:: Takotchi: ::rips off the new penis and sticks it in his butt:: -- Takotchi using my cyber-penises to inflict pleasure on himself. XusamiD (7:00:42 PM): Me, JT? I don't ignore anyone. I just enjoy watching as losers like you try to make other people look bad. Maybe next you try to be funny you can do something other than attempting to put others down. XusamiD (7:02:57 PM): *plonk* -- XusamiD contradicting himself in two minutes.