From: The Sage of the Odd. <neomenasor@aol.communist> Subject: [PW!] Back to Viridian Date: Tuesday, August 10, 1999 8:10 PM Orion waits outside of a bathroom at Celadon city market. He is then aroused as Neo steps out of the room. But he is now decked out in black armor, "Wow, um......where did you get the armor?" "I got it from Magnus, let's go. I need to go to Viridian and get my last badge!" Neo and Orion fly through Viridian's skies on Hayate and Pidgeot. They land on a building and take a rest. Neo takes Eevee off his head, "Jeez, that was something" Orion looked over, "Yeah, look I'm sorry about your Dad. And-" Neo stopped him, "My Dad's been dead. I don't need any more good will." He gets up and returns Hayate, he then looks around. He sees a door and they go down the stairs. Rigel smiles with childish delight, she had already gotten a lot of money and her Pokemon were all at level 9. She was ready until she saw someone she didn't expect. She saw her brother Orion, "Hey, Bro!" she runs over and literally tackles her little brother. Orion looks up, "Rigel! How are you?" Rigel smiles, "I'm great! How about you?" Orion smiles, "I'm fine, could you get off?" (OOC: Sorry this was so damn short. But Sirius shall continue.) Neo J. Menasor The Neo-Stunticons The Covenent of Primus, IT'S A COOKBOOK! ----- This was brought to you by the next Senator of New York, Hillary Clinton! "Vote for Hillary, she loves New York ." And by Larry King, he looks like an owl