From: Yoda <> Subject: [PW!] Bagels, Beams, and a Wedding in Celadon. Date: Thursday, August 05, 1999 7:14 PM [PW!] Bagels, Beams, and a Wedding in Celadon. -===---===--===---===--===---===- P:OTPW!.. [PW!] A decision, and a weird kid popping out of bushes. Gohan wandered out with Growlithe, to encounter the awesome and disturbing might of shorts kid. After running back to the PokéCenter, he awoke Fox and decided that they should stop waiting for Steve's transmission and do something on their own. -===---===--===---===--===---===- Gohan dragged Fox out of the PokéCenter, and recalled Growlithe. "Whoasitwasit.. whatsawhooseit.. where am I.." "You're being dragged accross the streets of Cinnabar Island." "Oh.. carry on then. I'M BEING WHAT?!" He sprung to life, and followed Gohan. "Hmm..y'know Fox, I could really go for a toasted raisin bagel with scallion cream cheese right about now. Let's find a deli." After some walking, he found one sitting next to the PokéCenter.. where they had left from. "D'oh!" The walked into the small store, and Gohan found himself not looking at the bagels, but at the flyer that adorned one of the walls. "Hey Fox, check this out! All we need to do is beat some guy's Pokémon, and he'll give us a ride on his Lapras to wherever we want!" "Uh.. it also says here that he's undefeated." "I'm sure he's overexaggerating. Come on, he's located by the docks."' -=-=-=-=-=-Scene Switch-=-=-=-=-=- They found a man wearing black swimming shorts, sandals, and no shirt. Beside him was a Lapras, and on his shorts were clipped 4 Pokéballs. "Hey kid, you wanna challenge me?" "In a matter of fact, I do," replied Gohan. "Well let's get it on, then. 1 on 1" "Alright." He threw one of his Pokéballs onto the floor. "Let's go... Gyarados!" The Gyarados hovered over the docks. Gohan responded with his own. "Bulba.. you know what to do!" An Ivysaur appeared. Gyarados had the speed advantage. He struck with one bite, hitting Ivysaur hard. But quickly, Ivysaur had surprised the 'dos due to his size with a vine whip, which managed to strangle and keep him down on the same level as he. But while tangled in his vines, Gyarados' face was still free. He released a Dragon Rage right into Ivysaur. That released his vines, and knocked him into the water. A small flash of light emitted from the water. Seconds later, a barrage of vines clamped upon the dock, hauling Bulba up. More than usual. By the time he repositioned himself on the floor, he was not the same. He had evolved into Venusaur, after a long time of waiting. "Venusaur.. SOLAR BEAM!" "Gyarados.. HYPER BEAM!" "Sandshrew.. BEAM BEAM!" They both looked at the voice, which was Fox. The Sandshrew was just sitting on his head. He chuckled. Luckily, that had delayed the battle, and given Venusaur a chance to recieve the light from the bright Cinnabar sun. His large bulb shined bright. Gyarados charged up his Hyper Beam. He flew towards Venusaur, and stopped mid-way. At the same time, both Pokémon released whatever energy they had left. The Solar Beam was released, which was a burst of bluish white light. The Hyper Beam was yellow, but shined and let other colors in. The two beams met midway. The Pokémon never stopped pushing. The Hyper Beam was gaining the lead, when a sudden burst of energy gave the Solar Beam an extra push. What a sight to see. Slowly, the Solar energy over powered the raw attack strength of the Hyper Beam. It pushed until the Hyper Beam was little more than nothing, and when the energy struck the Gyarados, he was knocked back, and fainted. Venusaur somehow smiled. "WOOHOO!" Gohan exclaimed. "You did it!" The man was a bit disgruntled. "Ah, well. Only one loss. Lapras'll take care of ya. You have a free trip." "Hmm..Celadon," Gohan replied. "Err.. Vermillion. We'll catch a ride from there." "You got it, kid." -=-=-=-=-=-Scene Switch-=-=-=-=-=- They stood on another dock, this time by Vermillion City. "Now we have the next part. Pigeot, Fearow, come on out." They emerged. "Alright, you have to take us to Celadon, now. You know the way, right?" All they heard was "GYAOO!" "I'll take that as a yes." -=-=-=-=-=-Scene Switch-=-=-=-=-=- Gohan and Fox wandered down the city street. "Ah, Celadon, the place of our looting. Remember that, Fox, when we managed to get a Porygon with those stolen Game Corner coins?" "Yeah, that was funny..ha.. ha." He looked around, and kept on walking. "Hey check it out, what's going on over there?" "Looks like a wedding, I guess." "Come on over, let's go!" "Hey can't just go--" But by that time, Fox had lead them over to behind a chapel. A voice appeared behind them, tapping Gohan on the shoulder. "Excuse me, are you one of the guests?" "Guest? Hrm, let's see.. uh, I--" "Guests right this way." 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