From: Shimarisu <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Battle for the Badge, Part 1. Date: Tuesday, August 31, 1999 8:17 AM In article <>, Chuck Einhorn <> wrote: > Darwin was very confused. "Umm, yeah, whatever. You sure you don't want to > leave?" > > "Yep, I stay here with Dernam. He's nice. I hear he's gonna do something mean > to someone here! He told me somebody was in for the shock of there life, he did > yes!" Shortly after, the Eevee squealed as a boot-clad foot came down and landed on the tip of its tail. Heads turned, and most of them lingered as eyes took in the beautiful Rocket female that had walked into the diner. Indeed, Nisemon had found that Murasaki could be most beautiful when she actually smiled. And that morning, the insane Ditto had spent a good deal of time perfecting the look in a mirror. It was normally Nisemon's perogative to get narcissistic while imitating James of Team Rocket, but Murasaki had definite potential. And now, Nisemon had taken Murasaki's looks, and perfected them. The effect was devastating… for the men in the diner at any rate. As they took in the garments that nise-Murasaki wore, they sighed in disappointment. It was not a good idea to develop romantic attachments to law breakers who were in TR… Nise-Murasaki bent down and patted the disgruntled Eevee on the head. "Whoops, sorry" said the beautiful Rocket. "I didn't see you there. She spun around, then walked away and found herself an empty table. Picking up a menu, she carefully perused the contents. "I'm bored." Thought Nisemon. "I'm bored bored bored." Maybe there will be something to do in here. She leaned back in the chair, and cast her eyes in Dernam's direction. "Yes.... maybe there will be something for me to do." Nise-Murasaki grinned slyly. - TBC? - Shimarisu Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.