From: Resona Korelano/M.W.F. <> Subject: [PW!] Bruised ribs and bruised ego Date: Saturday, August 28, 1999 6:54 PM > A gracile Onix neck rose through the dust, raising a head over the top of the > blanket. The creature pulled back its stone lips, in a snakelike grin-- in its > mouth, lay the limp form of a white cat. It shook her violently, then spit her > out, at its trainer's feet. > > "Onix, return!" Brock commanded. He fastened the Pokéball to his belt, then > turned to the others, with a slight smirk. "I think I've dealt with all of you. > Why don't you come back, when you're ready to put up a fight." > > "Raichu rai," Samuraichu muttered, as they went to retrieve Blizzard, "I never > knew he was such a jerk." > "In this case," White Blade sighed, "he's earned the right to gloat. Shall we > get going?" ----- Blizzard opened her eyes slowly. She was in a Pokemon Center, that much she was sure of. But how she got there was a blur... "Bruised ribs... live, but sore for... will grow back, but she... little too rough?" "Blizzard?" White Blade and Samuraichu were standing next to the bed. "Purrrrr?" <Wha...> White Blade spoke up. "We brought you here after the fight. We thought you might be dead, but it is Bruno's Onix. They're tough, but they know their job. Rest up, you've got a couple bruised ribs and a tuft of fur missing from your tail. It'll grow back in a week or so." "Purrsian... purr..." <How did you talk.... Ouch...> "I think your main worry now is a bruised ego. I had no idea Brock would have had one of the Elite Four's pokemon." "Persian persian?" <So I guess that Jigglypuff's out of the question now, eh?> "Heh, didn't say that. I'll still help you find one. I'm going to be heading that way. Now, about the training..." "Persian!" <I didn't agree to that!> "No, but the offer's still there. Since I don't have trainer status now, you'll still be a wild pokemon, but you'll have a definite advantage over others. I'll let you rest and you can think on it. I'd be happy to help you, but I can only help if you want it." With that, White Blade stood up and walked out. ----- "Draaaa?" <How's the shoulder?> White Blade climbed on top of Draconi and laid down. "Worse for wear, but fine. Heh, I never knew what it was like to actually fight another pokemon. Now, I'm beginning to see what you guys went through." <We enjoy it ourselves.> "Man, I knew Brock had an Areodactyl, but last I saw it, it was still young." <Had fun?> "Huh?" <Did you have fun?> "Actually, I did. Scared the hell out of me when he was coming at me with those teeth though." <Scared me too.> <Thanks for rescuing me.> <I like it better when you talk in Human.> <Sorry, I gotta practice though.> <So what's next?> <Mount Moon. I have to find a Cheese Stone.> <Cheese Stone?> <Oops. I meant Moon Stone. See what I mean about practice?> <You need more than language practice. You need fighting experience.> <Yeah, that to. And I intend to get it.> <So, mas.. er, White Blade, when do we leave?> <When Blizzard's recovered. Meanwhile, how about something to eat?> <Sounds good!> White Blade got up and walked over to Nurse Joy. "Excuse me, can me and my friend get something to eat?" Nurse Joy flashed a pretty smile. "Sure! I'll have some brought out to you guys." "Thanks. By the way, how's Blizzard doing?" "The Persian? Oh, she'll be good to go in a few minutes. Ribs should be healed soon. The little tuft of fur will have to grow back naturally though." White Blade walked back over to Draconi and sat down. He was tired and quickly fell asleep.