From: TheRunt <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Case of the Missing Pokemon Date: Sunday, August 22, 1999 12:55 AM (For your convenience, a compilation repost of this thread will be posted upon its completion. A summary of the event will be included.) As dusk begins to fall, the group returns to the topic of the missing Pokémon. "Hmm...I wonder where Robert and Rilli are," Runt thinks aloud. "I guess it was kind of rude for us to just make them go alone ... with that Dario guy..." Damian adds. Lara looks out the window, then turns to her guests. "I sure don't trust that Dario ... but your friends sure looked smart. They'll be okay." "Maybe we should go after them," suggests Sarah Jane. There is a period of silence, and the group grows uneasy. "Then who's going to race Dario?" asks Felix. "I'll go after him, but someone's going to stay and race." He reaches into his bag, and pulls out a bundled-up brace of slender throwing knives. Fastening it to his arm, he pulls the straps tight and tests one of the weapons for balance. The group looked around nervously at each other. Rockets, or the raceway? Suddenly, Sarah Jane begins to shiver, a faraway look in her eyes. "Something's wrong..." she says in a low voice. "Uh oh - Last time she was like this, was right before the S.S. Anne sank..." comments Jon. "Something must be up with Robert and Rilli," says Damian. In an almost trancelike state, Sarah hands her Nidorans' leashes to Christy and bolts out the door as fast as she can on her crutches. Shields quickly follows on her heels. "Hey - Wait up!" shouts Runt as he and a few of the others follow. Christy remains behind, holding fast to Cuddles and Spunky's leashes. Sarah Jane tosses out one of her Pokéballs. Her Tauros appears, then lowers himself down so she can climb on his back. As soon as his trainer is situated, Ferdinand stands and begins to run. "Follow that Tauros!" yells Felix, trying to keep up. They end up following Ferdinand's tracks, which lead to another small house. A female trainer shouts in distress. "Some dang rustlers made off with my racing Nidorina!" she tells the group. "A girl on a Tauros took off after 'em with Lara and Rapidash." "Damn...Here we go again," sighs Jon. Again they start tracking Sarah Jane. After a few moments, they find her and Lara outside of a small ranch house. "I think I saw Dario inside," Lara comments. "The missing Pokémon must be nearby," says Sarah Jane. "Shields saw Robert and Rilli tied up inside." "We'd better hide until we can check things out," suggests Runt. Before anyone can respond, the door opens. "Well, if it ain't Lara an' some more of her little friends," drawls Dario. "Working with Team Rocket again to sabotage the race?" says Lara venomously. "Those losers? I done myself one better. I created my own gang," returns Dario. "Let's show 'em what you can do!" he calls inside. Several big, burly roughnecks emerge from the cabin. "Oh great," Damian says, reaching for his pokéballs. Sarah Jane makes a few quick adjustments to her Pokédex, then throws out her two remaining Pokéballs. A Krabby and a Kadabra appear. "Nipper - you, Shields, and Ferdinand will fight this one," she whispers, "Sigfreid - you see if you can teleport in and get Robert and Rilli out of there." The Kadabra nods, then disappears. Sarah Jane slides off Ferdinand's back. The Tauros takes his place with the Mr. Mime and the Krabby, waiting for Sarah Jane's directions. "Wattson, Kreskin - Go!" calls Runt. A Pikachu and a Butterfree materialize from there perspective pokéballs. "Wattson, you and Rolly are gonna need to pool your talents in battle -- Kreskin, Try to get inside and help Sigfreid free Rilli in Robert..." {Sure thing Boss} <Meanwhile, inside the cabin> Rilli picks at the ropes with her nails in hopes of achieving something, but doesn't get very far. Her Horsea whinnies helplessly from her cage and blew a few bubbles, which drift halfway across the room and pop. Rilli racks her brains to think of some way to get free and past the one goon guarding them, or to somehow signal for help, but she's too tied up to do anything. A quick flash of light in the room signals the arrival of Sigfreid. The guard looks up at the uninvited guest, but he is quickly immobilized with psychic energy. The Kadabra walks up to the man and Thwaps him on the side of the head with its spoon - the goon goes out like a light. "Remind me to stay away from silverware from now on," comments a wide-eyed Rilli. "Reee," Kreskin calls out as he swoops out of the fireplace. {Hey Spoon-Boy!} "Beee Freee" {You free the guy, I'll free the girl} "Kadabra," replies Sigfreid, who then begins untying Robert. {Okay} "Thank you so much for helping us!" Rilli cheers quietly as the green Butterfree loosens her ropes. "Please take Robert somewhere where he can get treated for sunstroke -- I can handle things here." Sigfreid mutters something and vanishes with the unconscious trainer. "Now..." says Rilli, surveying her surroundings. Cages containing stolen Pokémon are piled all around the large room. Hearing the ruckus outside, she figures the fight must have begun. "I've got to do something...first open these cages." She kneels down by Horsea's cage and jiggles the door, but finds it locked. All the other cages are the same. "I don't know how to pick locks...but maybe Haunter does!" Kreskin starts to say something, but decides against it. {'Help someone out and this is the thanks I get'} He shakes his head and flies up to one of the higher cages. Then, using his antennae, begins to pick the lock. She reaches into her purse for the pokéball, then realizes that it wasn't with her. "That's right, those guys took our where would they put it?" Rilli's eyes passed around the room, not spotting her purse. She does, however, see the guard still passed out on the floor. "Maybe he has it..." A search through his pockets finds no pokéballs, but does turn up a key. Rilli nearly slaps her forehead for passing up the obvious, then thought better of it and quickly went to unlock Horsea's cage. "Horsea, you're too small to fight against those guys outside, so get out of the way and try to find our stuff, okay?" The seahorse whinnied and hopped away. Cautiously, Rilli examines all the other locked up Pokémon. Some of them look weak and weary, but most are watching her actions through the cages - a few even scratching anxiously at the doors. "If I let you guys out, will you help us fight against Dario and his gang?" Kreskin attempts to remind her of his presence by clearing his little throat, but a chorus of roars, squeals, and other affirmative cries drowns him out. Although tempted to hit her with a Psychic attack, he refrains and opens the door of the cage he was working on instead. "Great! When I let you out, go wait near the door and don't alert anyone that you're free. We'll rush them all at once." More nods and anticipatory gazes meet Rilli as she kneels to unlock a cage. <Back outside...> Jon steps up, "Feels great to be doing this so soon, anyway," he thinks aloud. 'DAMN! I haven't battled in so long... I wonder who's in the balls right now...' Furiously, he chucks Pokéballs out. "Go, Jolteon, Dragonair, Kabutops!" Jon is luckily rewarded with the correct Pokémon. Something tugs at his shorts. "Oh, right. Ninetales, do your stuff." The fox Pokémon runs forward to the 'army' already involved in combat. The Vulpix perched on his head attempts to leap to its parent's side, but is caught in midair by Jon. "Not until you learn another attack!" "Vullll," it whines. "Skhan!" Roo joins in. "Same goes for you too, squirt - you're too young and too inexperienced..." says Runt, patting his young Pokémon lightly on the head. He looks up to see how his mice are doing. After a few moments, he realizes that the battle is a draw at best and that, unless something turns in their favor soon, Dario might just win. "Tiny, Pixie - I choose you!" <To Be Continued...> _______________________________________________________________ "Slow and steady wins the race."