From: Nendil <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Case of the Missing Pokemon Date: Tuesday, August 24, 1999 10:08 PM Roberto Perez-Vila <> wrote in message > > Robert then nudges Mithril-rama, who is sitting next to him, "You've been rather > quiet. Which of your Pokemon are you going to ride on? Pallapalla looks like a good > choice since he has that large mushroom you can use as a saddle, or maybe Deimos, > though he's kind of scrawny. There's always Electabuzz, if you want to climb up on > his shoulders!" "I dunno..." Rilli scratched her chin in thought. "I probably don't have any suitable pokémon for racing. Most of them are too small, I'd easily crush them. PallaPalla is kinda slow, and I'd probably slide right off the mushroom, there aren't any handholds. Electabuzz is a bit short, I don't know if he can support me..." She arced one eyebrow as she pictured herself being carried by Electabuzz who's roughly 2/3rds her size. She quickly shook her head. "Too much of a strain. I guess Deimos is a possibility though, but..." "But?" Several voices around the table echoed her. "It's still pretty young, I don't think it'll be able to compete with most of the entrants there..." "Don't worry 'bout that," Lara piped up. "The race isn't just for determinin' who has the best pokémon, it's also so you can have fun! Some people like Dario take it way too seriously, but there's no reason to back out just 'cause ya think ya can't win." "Yeah!" Robert agreed. "Besides, the more people we have in the race, the less of a chance there is for Dario to win!" Rilli thought there was something a bit funny about that logic, but she decided that she didn't care to think about it too hard and smiled at her boyfriend. "Then I guess I'm in." She looked around the table. "Have any of you guys decided on your pokémon?" Nendil -- The Aquafraternal Fanart Corner