From: Time Lady <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Case of the Missing Pokemon Date: Wednesday, August 25, 1999 3:53 PM TheRunt wrote: <snippage> > Rilli looks at her boyfriend for a couple moments, then smiles, "Then I guess > I'm in." She gazes around the room. "Have any of you guys decided on your > Pokémon?" > "Skhan! Skhan!" cries Roo as he wakes from his slumber. > Runt quickly picks up the infant and begins comforting him. A lightbulb > appears over Runt's head and his eyes light up. "Lara!" > "Yah?" she drawls. > "Can a trainer enter a Pokémon in the race with another Pokémon as it's > rider?" > "I don' see why not," she replies, "Why? What'cha got in mind?" > "Well, first I was gonna use Tiny - but I'm just too heavy for him. Then, I > thought about using Rolly - 'cause he's strong enough. But since he stayed a > Sandshrew when he evolved, it'd be too awkward for him too hold me." > "So?" asks Christy. > "So...when Roo woke up, I realized that he's the ideal jockey - he's small > enough to be little burden to his mount, but large enough to qualify." Runt > grabs the Poké-Pouch and begins a series of alterations. "And besides...He's > already got a saddle," he says, holding aloft something reminiscent of a > saddle. > "Actually," said Sarah Jane as she limped in, "I was thinking the same thing." "You mean about letting one of your Pokemon ride in the race," asked Christy. "Mmm hmm," said Sarah Jane. "Yeah, but Shields won't be out of the Pokemon Center till later in the day," said Damian. "He'd probably be your best chance to ride another one." "I know. Ferdinand should be able to rest up enough to rest enough by tomorrow morning," she said as she adjusted her pokedex, sending Sigfreid back to her grandparents' home in Rosetta. She then tossed out a Pokeball. "Stallone should be the right size," she says as the Machop appeared. "Machop chop ma chop chop chop ma machop chop chop!" begins Stallone animatedly. Sarah Jane develops a large sweatdrop over her head. "I know," she says. "If you ride Ferdinand on the race, you can tell Stonewall about it." She turns to the others. "He's developed a bit of a rivalry with my Onix back home." "Anyone else enterin'," asks Lara. <TBC> > -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ ||