From: Time Lady <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Case of the Missing Pokemon Date: Friday, August 20, 1999 7:03 PM Jon Ference wrote: > >> "There's always the race," added Felix. "I have the feeling that he'll > >> show his face on the track now that all his compeditors are without > >> Pokemon." > >> > >> "But what should we do then?" > >> > >> "While he's on the track, he won't be able to guard the stolen > >> Pokemon, right?" said Felix. > >> > >> "Yes..." > >> > >> "Well, while he's in the race someone goes out and finds the missing > >> Pokemon," said Kirsty. "But didn't he have Team Rocket on his side? > >> They'll be guarding the stolen Pokemon, or maybe they've already got > >> them." > >> "We don't know for sure if it's Dario.... and if it is, we don't know if he's working with Team Rocket or not," pointed out Sarah Jane. > >> "I can race him," spoke an angry Lara. "My Rapidash beat him last > >> time, it can do it again." > > "You already said that you weren't sure if you wanted to race Rapidash," says Sarah Jane. > >"We could *all* race him tomorrow..." Robert stands up, fixing his trench > >coat, "But by would be too late! I say we all storm into his house > >and ask the meaning of this! FREEDOM!!! Is everyone with me?" > > > >A few members in the large group cough, and others turn their faces away > >from > >Robert. > > "Robert, don't you think you're being a little melodramatic?" commented Sarah Jane. "This is something that needs to be thought out, not rushed into." > >The only one who steps forward is Mithril-rama, "I'm with you, Robert!" > >She > >places her hands on his shoulder. > > > >Robert sniffs once, then blinks his eyes. He rubs them for a moment before > >speaking, "I just... got a little bit of dust in my eyes. If anyone has > >a > >change of heart, you know where Dario's house is. I'll be there." With that, > >Robert holds on to Rilli's hand and storms out of Orderlyalpaca's house! > >He > >doesn't notice that Lara's Rapidash isn't waiting outside. After leaving > >the > >Tauros pen, he keeps walking in a straight line. "Who needs a large group, > >anyway? I've got you, Rilli!" > > > >Mithril-rama blushes and clears her throat, "Uhhh... Do *you* know where > >Dario's house is?" > > > >"We'll find it eventually. How large can the Big P Pokemon Ranch be, anyhow?" > >Robert gazes out into the distance. > > > >Twenty minutes later, it's obvious that Robert has once again gotten his > >usual > >two person group lost. After such a long time outside, the blazing sun's > >heat > >becomes unbearable. Mithril-rama rolls up her short sleeves and wipes her > >sweating face, "Robert, aren't you hot inside that trench coat?" > > > >"Awww yeah, you finally think I look hot! I knew this trench coat was a > >chick > >magnet! I think you look hot, too, Rilli!" Robert kisses Rilli's forehead, > >then makes a face, "Eeew, your sweat tastes much worse than your saliva!" > > > >"You're delusional, Robert! You're starting to sound like..." Mithril-rama > >makes a face of disgust similar to Robert's upon tasting her sweat, > >"...Jeremy... Let's just go back to Orderly's house and join the rest of > >the > >group relaxing in the A/C!" > > > >"Relax?!" Robert raises his arm up high, "I have not yet begun to relax! > >I > >mean... I can't relax! Not with Dradio out there with the Pokemon... The > >big > >and little racing Pokemon! But... no... not the Psyduck! Just the racers! > >Don't you... get... what I'm... I don't feel so great..." Robert falls to > >his > >knees, then falls flat onto the grass. > > > >Mithril-rama kneels next to Robert and places her hands on his cheeks, "You're > >burning up... We have to get you inside! Look, there's a house over there... > >If you stay out here in the heat, you'll dehydrate!" > > > >"When you think you're dehydrated..." Robert comments, half-heartedly > >remembering something one of his teachers in Lavender once told him, "You're > >already dehydrated... Is true, you know! Why don't you believe me? You don't > >love me anymore!" Robert begins to quietly sob, "Just like the rest of 'em! > >Robert just isn't your cup of tea, huh, Rilli?" > > > >Mithril-rama grabs Robert's arm and tries to drag him over to the nearby > >ranch. She just isn't strong enough to move him. "What can I do?" Rilli > >bites > >her lip and tries to think up a solution. "Of course! It's so simple!" Rilli > >pulls a Pokeball out of her purse connected to hammer space and drops it > >on > >the ground. > > > >A cute little blue Horsea pops out and smiles at Rilli, "Seeeeaaaaa!" > > > >"Horsea, use Water Gun on Robert, but please don't hurt him!" Mithril-rama > >clutches her purse tight, hoping her Horsea will be able to help Robert > >regain > >his senses. Inhaling deeply, the little sea horse closes its eyes and fires. > >A gentle stream > >of water ejects onto Robert, who twitches around in response. > > > >"We're going under!" Robert shakes his head, sending some water from his > >hair > >onto his surroundings. He stands up straight, then leans up against Rilli, > >"Whadya do that for? I'm all washed up! I was perfectly fine!" > > > >"Sure you were." Mithril-rama holds Robert's hand and leads him over towards > >the nearby ranch. Rilli's Horsea bounces after its trainer. Rilli politely > >knocks on the door. "Hello? Is anyone home?" > > > >A mean looking kid with wild black hair in a ponytail answers the knocking, > >"Whut's yer problem, you two?" > > > >Mithril-rama motions over towards Robert, "We need something to drink. > >Especially my friend here!" > > > >"Issat so?" The kid answers, narrowing his eyes at Robert, "Whus with his > >coat?" > > > >"I'm Inspector Robert!" Robert stumbles around as he speaks, "I'm trying > >to > >find all those missing racing placing Pokemon that were stolen by some Dardodo > >guy! Go Go Robert Chopper!" > > > >"Oh yeah?" The kid snaps his fingers and three goons show up behind Robert > >and > >Rilli. One of the goons holds Rilli, another one grabs Robert's arms, and > >the > >third grabs Rilli's Horsea, and points it away so it can't spit in his eyes. > >The owner of the house smirks at his capture, "An' the name's Dario, not > >Dardodo. Tie 'em up, boys!" > > > >Moments later, Robert and Rilli are sitting back to back on chairs in the > >middle of a hidden corral. All sorts of large Pokemon circle them, looking > >very angry for some reason. Rilli's Horsea is off in a cage far away from > >Rilli. > > > >Robert looks around with his eyes only half open, "You know what, Rilli?" > > > >Rilli sighs, the heat getting to her as well, "What?" > > > >"I solved the Mystery of the Missing Pokemon all by myself! They're all > >right > >in this corral here at Dario's house!" Robert chuckles to himself, "I'm > >such a > >great sleuth!" With that final comment, he passes out due to the heat. > > *** > > While all this was going on, the group was still at the other house, planning > their rides for the race. > > Jon, looking through his Pokedex, seemed undecided. > > Felix looked over. "Need some help?" > > Jon nodded. "I have two I think I could ride- Jolteon or Tauros. Tauros, is > easier to ride. But it isn't as fast and I've never used it before. Jolteon > might be hard to ride, but it's quite fast and obedient." > > Felix nodded. "Go with Jolteon. It's a sure bet." He smiled. > > As dusk began to fall, the group returned to the topic of the missing Pokemon. > > "Eh... I wonder where Robert and Rilli are..." Runt wondered aloud. > > "I guess it was kind of rude for us to just make them go alone... with that > Dario guy..." Damian added. > > Lara returned from looking out the window. > > "I sure don't trust that Dario... but your friends sure looked smart. They'll > be okay." > > "Maybe we should go after them," suggested Sarah Jane. > > There was silence, and the group grew uneasy. <from CatGonk's post>"Then who's going to race Dario?" asked Felix. "I'll go after him, butsomeone's going to stay and race." He reached into his bag, and withdrew a bundled-up brace of slender throwing knives. Fastening it to his arm, he pulled the straps tight and tested one of the weapons for balance. The group looked around nervously at each other. Rockets, or the raceway? </CatGonk's post> Suddenly, Sarah Jane begins to shiver, a far-away look in her eyes. "Something's wrong..." she says in a low voice. "Uh oh...." said Jon. "Last time she was like this, was right before the S.S. Anne sank...." "Something must be up with Robert and Rilli," said Damian. In an almost trance-like state, she hands the leashes of her Nidorans to Christy, then bolts out the door as fast as she can on her crutches. Shields follows on her heels. "Hey, hold up!" shouts Runt. He and a few of the others follow. Christy remains behind, holding fast to Cuddles and Spunky's leashes. Sarah Jane tosses out one of her Pokeballs. Her Tauros appears. He lowers himself down so she can climb on his back. As soon as she is situated, Ferdinand stands and begins to run. "Follow that Tauros!" shouts Felix as he tries to keep up. Instead, they wind up following Ferdinand's tracks, which lead to another small house. A female trainer is shouting in distress. "Some dang rustlers made off with my racing Nidorina!" she tells the group. "A girl on a Tauros took off after 'em with Lara and Rapidash." "Damn.... here we go again...." says Jon. Again they start tracking Sarah Jane. They find her and Lara outside of a small ranch house. "I think I saw Dario inside," says Lara. "The missing Pokemon are nearby," adds Sarah Jane. "Shields saw Robert and Rilli tied up inside." "We should hide until we can check things out," suggests Runt. Before anyone can respond, the door opens. "Well.... if it ain't Lara an' some more of her little friends," drawls Dario. "So, working with Team Rocket again to sabatoge the race?" says Lara angrily. "Those losers? I done myself one better. I created my _own_ gang," returns Dario. "Let's show 'em what you can do!" Several big, burly roughnecks emerge from the cabin behind him. "Oh great," said Damian as he reaches for his pokeballs. Sarah Jane makes a quick switch in her Pokedex, then throws out her two remaining Pokeballs (as Cuddles and Spunky are back at the ranch). A Krabby and a Kadabra appear. "Nipper, you, Shields, and Ferdinand will fight this one. Sigfreid, you see if you can teleport in and get Robert and Rilli out of there." The Kadabra nods, then disappears. Sarah Jane slides off Ferdinand's back. The Tauros takes his place with the Mr. Mime and the Krabby, waiting for Sarah Jane's directions. <TBC> -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ ||