From: Dima Safonov <> Subject: [PW!] Celadon City Wildlife Date: Saturday, August 21, 1999 8:38 PM With a quick glance back at Erika, John ran off. He started thinking ((Woah... I wonder if she likes me... I don't want to find out... just yet...)). John changed his pace from running to walking. ((Slow, John. We don't want to be too fast on this Pokemon "Journey", if thats what they call it..)). He looked around. He saw bits and peices of a party, old cake bits left everywhere. The place looked deserted! John groaned and spoke out loud. "Oh crap... I don't want to move cities again. H... WHATS THAT?!" John poked his PokeDex at a little round object beside a tree. ||Voltorb. This Pokemon looks like a Pokeball. Can get very mad and self destruct.||. "Goddamnit! I hate being out here risking my goddamn life. I am not having a good day, pidgey, show the nitwit who's boss!". John thew Pidgeys Pokeball, and Pidgey swiped at Voltorb. It was a fairly easy match, Pidgey used Sand Attack and the Voltorb was down. He threw a Pokeball at it. ...Wobble... Wobble....Wobble....stopped... John nodded. "Another Pokemon for the collection. Hmm, lets see... Dugtrio, Jigglypuff, Pigdey and Voltorb. Im good!". Suddenly Pidgey started glowing. John said "DAMN Im good!". Pidgey, with a bit of struggle, evolved into Pidgeotto. "Hey! Since youre big enough, Ill be COMFORABLE riding you!... but where can we fly?". John gave the Pokedex to Pidgeyotto, who in the "Memo" section wrote "Viridian City. Viridian Woods. Celadon City. Pewter City and Vermilion City.". John looked puzzled "You knew how to use this crap?! You're a smart Pokemon! Ok, so lets go to Saffron City. Ill be sure to find a bike there so we can go on that Bike trail in Celadon!". John looked at his Poke-Belt. He had all his Pokeballs, and Pidgeotto was ready to fly. "Pidgeotto... ON TO VERMILLION CITY!" John yelled with a hoot. - Dima Safonov (AGNP idiot) "If one can annoy Dima, one is good at being annoying." - (Made by Kid Vid2 for no useful reason) "Work, play, work, play, life is useless. It adds up to nothing" -Dima Safonov "I say Pokéballs... No reaction.. I say Great Balls.. No reaction... Ultra Balls.... No reaction..But when I get to "Master Balls"... I hear snickers. " - G i s e l l e MrFugues: :::growls at Dima :::: Zagro2: Enemy Dima's attack fell! "This being is slightly less intelligent than a rock" - Ultima Online Evaluating Intelligence Skill AIM: Qui Gon126 ICQ: 4678513 My PokeFan code: A+++/-M++/---P+/--T++++Je----Ja----Me++/-Oj++++Nj+++/-Po----G---- Go++++"Mariru"++++/-"Duplica"+++/-Er++++"Pokemon, I choose you!"+++/- "Goodbye Buterfree"----"Pikachu's Goodbye Song" Sm 10/Ont W+++ AGNP++++