From: Thatguyty <> Subject: [PW!] Even Score's Gotta Sleep Sometime Date: Friday, August 13, 1999 8:53 PM RECAP: Score's holding on to Spanky, his Pidgeotto, flying through the night on the the way to Fuschia to find the girl from the parasites vision (ya had to be there =). -==-==-==-==-==-==-==- Score felt Spanky tiring, so he decided it was time to stop for the night. "Spanky, put 'er down over there," he said, pointing to a clearing. Spanky adjusted his wings and dove for the clearing. A few minutes later, Score had pitched a tent and started a fire. Spanky was perched in a tree, cooing lightly, obviously asleep. Score brought Senor, his Ninetails, Horny, his Rhyhorn, and Roo, his Kangaskhan out of their balls. "Common guys, we're going for a workout." said Score. "Kangas, kangas-khan?" <Why doesn't he hafta come?> asked Roo, motioning to Spanky. "He flew your fat butt here, he doesn't need any more exercise!" whispered Score, "Let's go!" Score led the three Pokemon into the forest at a quick jog pace. Rhyhorn and Kangaskhan made an awful noise and a trembling rumble as they trampled through the forest. Small Pokemon ran, terrified across Score's path. After about 20 minutes of jogging through the cool, dark forest, the group came to another clearing with some fallen logs. "Ok guys," yelled Score, "Roo! Horny! Get to either side of the clearing and start throwing alternating logs. Senor! You roast every log they throw. And not flaming either! I want piles of cinders!" The trio went at it, and Score walked over to a tree and started doing chin ups. They continued far into the night, arriving back at the campsite around 3:00 AM. The three tired Pokemon slept out of their pokeballs, in the long, comfy grass. Score fell asleep before he had a chance to think about the girl. He'd have to find her tomorrow. TBC?