From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Fantasy Makeovers! Date: Saturday, August 21, 1999 9:24 PM Maria Rocket wrote: > "Stop!" Maria shouted and ran forward. But it was too late. > > "CHAANNN!!!!" First the Chansey recoiled in fear as the hairdryer buzzed to > life. Then, in almost the blink of an eye, Bubblegum grew HUGE, orange, and > sprouted a shaggy mane. The attendant's jaw dropped along with the hairdryer. > Bubblegum extended her sharp claws and bared her fangs around. "CHANSEEYY!!!!" > Then with a roar, she whirled around and smashed through the nearest wall. > > "Bubblegum!" Maria looked around in brief confusion before running out into the > street in search of her runaway Chansey. Slasher sped after her. > > "Meowth!!!" Minax takes one last look at her shiny dark blue fingernails, then smiles at Patty, "That'll be enough. I'm going to have to skip on the facial. I have a Chansey to ki...catch up with." Minax leaps out of her chair and crawls out through the hole Bubblegum the mutated Chansey made while escaping the salon. She takes a sniff of the late afternoon air in Cerulean City, then proceeds to chase after Slasher, who is chasing after Maria, who is chasing after Bubblegum! As the line of Rockets and their Pokemon dashes down the alleyways and main streets, Minax spies a familiar scene. She sees Dreadite standing in front of a young girl trainer, an Abra, and a Jynx. For an unexplained reason, they seem frozen in time, still standing in the same exact position that she last saw them in. "That's strange. Doppler must know how to cease the flow of time." Noticing that this thought has slowed her down, she concentrates on only one goal - to reach the evil Chansey before Maria and Slasher do. Knowing Cerulean City rather well, she takes a shortcut... Maria and Slasher eventually stop running from fatigue. Maria comments to her kitty companion, "We lost her." The Meowth replies, "Meowth! Meeeowth!" Maria nods, "Yeah, we'll keep looking... after I take a breather..." Bubblegum's evil grin shows of her vicious fangs rather well as she hides in an alleyway, waiting for a victim to strike out against. The orange Chansey doesn't expect someone to attack her... Minax lunges out of the darkness with her long skinning knife, "You are one disturbing Pokemon, Bubblegum. Do you know how I feel about disturbing Pokemon?" She pretends to slice her own throat with her sharp knife, while making a raspy noise to signify the death sentence, "Let's make this easy for me. Don't move." The rapid Chansey leaps onto Minax, sending both human and Pokemon tumbling to the ground. Bubblegum claws Minax's top, only to find the material rather impenetrable. She then sets her sight on the human's vulnerable neck. "CHANNNSSSEEEY!" As she brings down her claw, Minax blocks with her skinning knife, and the two weapons, natural and man made, collide in a loud clash! Minax uses her other arm to toss the mutant Pokemon aside. "You sicken me, Pokemon." Minax narrows her eyes at the Chansey that has the nerve to fight back. "I've never killed a Chansey before, since they are so highly protected in the wild, and so difficult to catch that pathetic little kids don't own them. Yet, I've always wondered about their egg. I always dreamed about how great it would be to eat their egg, especially in front of them as they die a slow and painful death. Thanks for being a volunteer!" Minax jabs her skinning knife onto the orange pouch on the psychotic Chansey's belly, ripping it ever so slightly. In the process, the pink egg gets dislodged. Before it can crack on the pavement, Minax grabs it in her hand, "I like mine soft-boiled, not scrambled." Bubblegum looks down at her pouch, utterly egg less and bleeding ever so slightly, "CHANSEEEEY!" The Pokemon screams out in both pain and anger, and bares her huge fangs at Minax. She raises her claws as high as her arm can go, obviously preparing to slice Minax's precious unscathed face. Minax raises the Chansey's pink egg up to her own face, "You wouldn't attack your own egg, would you?" Minax closes her eyes and hopes for the best, something she rarely does. She hears the sound of an arm swinging. Yet, she doesn't feel any wounds. Minax opens her eyes just in time to see Bubblegum deflate into a regular Chansey. "Chaaansey?!" Minax wonders why this has happened, until she notices that the pink egg in the palm her hand isn't actually an egg... It's a tiny rolled up pink Chansey. The moment Minax notices the difference, the baby Chansey unrolls. Standing erect, the cute little baby is slightly less than a foot tall. She is born with an ever so tiny egg in her even smaller pouch, ensuring that the cycle of life continues. Minax watches as the baby Chansey opens her eyes for the first time, "Chaaaa...?" "Chansey! Chansey! CHANSEY! CHANSEY!!!" Bubblegum hops up and down happily, yelling out cheerfully. All the commotion is enough to draw the attention of Maria and Slasher, who show up in the alley. Maria notices the corner of Bubblegum's pouch that has been cut, then Minax's bloodied knife, "What's the meaning of this, Minax?" "Congratulations..." Minax declares unenthusiastically, moving her hand over to Maria, displaying the tiny Chansey standing there, "You're an aunt." The baby Chansey gleefully giggles and chirps, "Chansey! Chansey!" -Minax