From: Tiger1129 <> Subject: [PW!] Grounded Date: Wednesday, August 11, 1999 12:00 PM Jason shakes his head grinning. "Well that was interesting wasn't it boy." A loud bark from his dog. "I guess it's back to pokemon." He dug into his pocket and retrived his pokedex. "Libro, there is a gym in Vermillion, Correct?" He asks. "That is correct." The device states in a mechanical voice. "Well, enlighten me about him." It makes a sound like it was clearing it's throut. "Vermillion's gym leader is Lt. Surge. Lt. Surge uses only electric pokemon." Jason nodded absorbing this information. "Surge nomally uses three pokemon, they are: Voltorb: Level 21, Pikachu: Level 18, Raichu: level 24. However given that pokemon growth rates rely on battle expirience this information may be invalid. "Electricity is weak against ground. Libro, There are two ground type pokemon around here aren't there?" The pokedex beeped. "Correct, Diglett and Sandshrew." "Which is stronger?" Jason wondered. "The majority of Sandshrew excede in every area but Special." "Alright then let's go get one" Jason Tramped through the tall grass east of Vermillion city trying to flush out a Sandshrew. He had his pokedex set to alert him the moment a Sandshrew had been found. He heard a beeping and Inferno was pulling him. "Shrew?" Jason reached down and took a pokeball off his belt. "Go Talon!" In a flash of white light the Spearow he had recently caught appeared. "Alright Talon, peck attack." Though Jason couldn't see it, Talon repeatedly pecked the Sandshrew. "Sand shrew." It cried rubbing his head. "Ok Talon!" Jason said holding out a pokeball. Talon flapped over and took the pokemon in its claws, the flew over and dropped it on the injured sandshrew. Jason Gritted his teeth waiting for the catch to be made. When he heard Inferno bark he knew he had a third pokemon. Talon flew over and dropped the smooth ball into his hands. "Your name will be Sandstorm." He clipped the ball to his belt. "What moves does it know?" He asked his pokedex. "At level 17 Sandstorm knows Slash, Scratch Cut and Dig." Jason was confused. "Wait a second, Isn't Cut an HM? and Sandshrew don't normally learn Dig." There was a pause. "My hypothesis is that this Sandshrew had a previous trainer. Who then released him." Jason shrugged. "Whatever, he's my pokemon now." TBC The Saint