From: Gyarados75 <> Subject: [PW!] Hey Ho, Let's Go! (Part 1) Date: Tuesday, August 10, 1999 8:51 AM author:CG (CoolGyarados) IQ #0011 RATEING:G "You heard the man...kid...person....anchovies!"said the pizza guy to the delivery boy. "Somehow, I feel a prank coming on" said the delivery boy with a frown "that's why it's called 'fast food'!!! Now go!!!!!!!" he booted the kid out and he started cycling down the road. As he cycled down the road, the kid pondered the question. "So, Bubbles, are you SURE you can eat anchovies?"said CG in Pokemon talk "Yeah, of coarse! I love being able to talk to you, or else I'd never get anchovies, just those tiny little peies of black circles that taste sour!" (olives) "Well, I'm glad." said CG"I don't want to have to pick those things off." "Master?" asked Vines, CG's first pokemon "Yes?" "I have been apperently more observent than you... this zapdos person is trying to kill you with the funny pig man!"vines looked worried "Heh...don't worry vines, I won't get killed like zapdos has done to so many others...I absolutly HATE that little freak..."at that point his whole body started to emit a flame that nearly exploded the house, exept that bubble cooled him off. Then, all at once, the world around him expoded, not literally, yet it seemed to CG that a beam was pushing him and his pokemon upwards into the sky. Then everything started to blur, and finally everything went white, but they all landed on a platform. "HYPNO???!!!" the enraged CG practicly killed himself and his pokemon in the burst of flames that errupted from him."RRRRAAAARG! SHOW YOURSELF...COWAAAAAARD!!!!!!" he started to turn blue and nearkly fainted, then bubbles wiped his mouth and said, "Sorry CG, had to do it. You would've killed us all." "Thanx." "Any time." {{{NO CG, IT IS NOT THE EVIL HYPNO, IT IS I... DO YOU KNOW ME?}}} "Come out...NOOOOW!" screeched CG {{{PATIENT, CHILD, QUIT THAT OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIOR...IF YOU ARE KILLED, LIFE WILL FAIL ON THIS PLANET}}} "WHAT???!!!"bellowed CG and the pokemon {{{THAT IS CORRECT. WE WOULD HAVE TO COME IN... AND THAT IS NOT ALLOWED BY OUR CUSTOMS, SO YOU MUST LIVE. I WILL SHOW MYSELF NOW}}} "Good, finially" CG was in a half-gape. Just as hislips re-met, they fell apart again as Articuno appeared. "Gaaa..." he started off... "YES. I AM NOT AS POWERFUL AS I SEEM, THOUGH...I CAN NOT REVIVE YOU...THOUGH I CAN HELP YOU WHEN ALIVE. THERE ARE TWO MORE POWERFUL THAN I. MEW AND HIS SIBLING, MEWTWO OUT-POWER EVEN I...SO BEWARE! I BROUGHT YOU HERE TO INFORM YOU THAT A SMALL GYM IN VIRIDIAN IS ABOUT TO BE VANQUISHED BY VOLTORBS AND MAGNAMITES FROM ZAPDOS. A PERSON NAMED ICY IS THERE....YOU MUST HELP HIM...THIS IS VITAL TO YOUR SURVIVAL! THE LESS ZAPDOS OWNS...THE MORE... YOU..... LIVE.....ON........"Articuno faded and left CG back home about half-an-hour after he left. "Figures." siad the delivery boy. "Another prank caller....I hate thi...." at that point CG and the others landed on the boy out of a portal. "You have GOT to be kidding me! I'm OUTTA HERE! TAKE IT!" he put down the pizza and cycled away. "We've got to go save Icy in the forest!"said CG, and the raced towards the forest. ---TbC!--- CG