From: Gyarados75 <> Subject: [PW!] Hey Ho, Let's Go! (Part 2) Date: Tuesday, August 10, 1999 2:00 PM author:CG (CoolGya) IQ #0012 RATEING:G Story RATEING:OK "IIIIICY!" bellowed CG in Viridian Forest "OR HYPNO...YOU PIG!" he added with a snuff "Mag-na---look-an-intruder---get-him-!!!"said a hovering Magnamite. "VOLTORRRRB!"screeched Voltorb, and CG froze, when a beam of green light exploded into voltorb and magnamite. CG looked over and saw a venusaur. "I am Vangaurd...and you are going to be aren't here to destroy the forest?" "No" said CG "OK...."Vanguard trailed off. "COME QUICK!"CG remebered "THOSE POKEMON ARE OUT TO DESTROY THE GYM!" he sprited alongside vanguard till they got to the gym. "Oh no..." whispered CG, looking as the trainers (and Icy) were escorted out by voltorbs and magnamites. We're too late..." "Never give up!!!"whispered vanguard harshly "I've got a plan!....." ---TbC!---