From: Dryad48 <dryad48@aol.commoner> Subject: Re: [PW!] I don't WANNA! Date: Monday, August 30, 1999 10:40 PM >Neo looked at Rigel, who smiled dreamily at him. She thought to herself, >"Wow.....he's handsome......and well......cute." they decided to restore >their >Pokemon and go into the forest to Pewter. Re: [PW!] I don't WANNA! by Dryad48 Staring: Neo, Rigel, Derrick Guest Starring: Giovanni "Wait," Neo said to Rigel when he spotted a familiar person sitting on a lonely bench outside of the pokemon center. he walked closer. "What do you want?" "Is that you Derrick?" "Derrick stood up and looked at him. "Do I know you?" "Uhh, it's me, Neo." "Neo? I haven't seen you since.. since... well, a long time ago. How's Kathy?" "She's fine. I'm doing ok if you wanted to know." Neo added slightly angered. "So, how have things been going?" Derrick noticed a girl checking Neo out from a safe distance. "Who's that?" Neo looked behind him. "Her name's Rigel, Sirius's sis. I'm supposed to accompany her on her journey." "Supposed to?" Derrick snickered. "Did Kathy make you?" he joked around. "Uh, yes." "Speaking of Sirius, have you seen him? He chickened out on Ivory Island and.." "What's Ivory Island?" "Um, nothing.... nevermind." Rigel walked up to the two. "Hi." "Hi." "You seemed sad on the bench, what happened?" "Well," Derrick started. "it's because of this." He opened his hand. "That's the Earth Badge!" Neo pointed out. "It's like, from one of the best gym leaders." "REALLY?" Rigel's eyes glistened. "Cool." "Hey, I have one too!" Neo took out his Earth Badge, but it already was losing it's shine. "Hey," he glared at Derrick, "what's soo bad 'bout the badge." "It's the way I got it. I didn't exactly win the badge." "YOU STOLE IT?" Rigel gasped and covered her mouth. "Shhhhhh! No!" Derrick ducked his head. As a bunch of people who overheard him gave dirty looks. "It was like this:" ----- Flash Back ----- Derrick walked into Giovanni's room. "WHATTAYA MEAN?!" He was pacing around the room listening to the phone which was on intercom. *Well um, sir.. it just flew away...* "HOW MANY?" *Uh... we got most of them...* "HOW MANY?" *I'd say ten to twenty..* "NOT ENOUGH! I WAN'T EVERY SINGLE ATR DEAD!" *It's just a few left..* "You FAILLED YOUR MISSION." *bu* "Are you disagreeing with me?" *No sir, of course not sir! I failed!* "I'll see you in my offic when you get back." Giovanni slammed his hand on the button and looked up. "Geez! CAN'T YOU KNOCK?" "Umm, I'm here to battle you.." "How much of my discussion did you hear?" Giovanni put his hand on Derrick's shoulder. "Um" "That's right you heard none of it!" Giovanni smiled as he placed the Earth Badge and a wad of cash in Derrick's hands. "Understand?" "Yes?" "Good, now get out!" Derrick was kicked out of the gym. ----- Reality ----- "Cool!" Rigel smiled. Neo was not amused. "I had to work for all my badges." "Hey, either I keep quiet about this, or I return the badge and get a bullet through my head. And personally, I'm leaning towards the first choice." He looked around then turned back. "I'm also an ATR." "So..." Neo changed the subject. "Are you gonna came along with us? We're going to Pewter City through the forest." "I guess so, I have nothing better to do right now.." To Be Continued _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ~Dryad48 "The harvest is nigh, but the well has gone dry." "Though fortunes rise and fall, it's no concern at all." "And everyone here hates everyone here for doing just like they do."