From: Daitooryoo <> Subject: [PW!] I just wrote the disclaimer and notes!!!!!! (ALEX AND RAYEA) (NOT DAI) DAI: Goddish!! Why not me!! RAYEA: Alex likes me better!! ALEX: Exactly DAI: BUT WHY?!?!?!?! RAYEA: Alex is a guy, I'm a girl, get it? DAI: CAN'T HE BE GAY!!! Alex: NO!!!!!!!!! Date: Sunday, August 01, 1999 10:44 PM --DISCLAIMER AND NOTE-- In a PW! that got lost some time ago, Asuka (Alex's growlithe) found a female Growlithe (named Alliyah), they made out, had sex, and she tagged along and now belongs to Patricia (the naked girl), Patricia named her Alliyah, and they walked till they arrived at the foot of Mount Moon, but they haven't entered it yet. So forgive me, I just had to clear up some of the things in this story. Second of all, Rayea has family that never actually does something with Alex and Rayea, but they have contact through a pocket video phone, so that clears up some of Rayea's dialogue. Ryu is not meant to infringe on Capcom. Rayea wrote this, I wrote the disclaimer, but she wrote the actual post. Is the Mt.Moon crew still alive, well reply if you feel Rayea and Alex should interact with you people. Okay, I did write some of this, I edited some things that just didn't fit Gah, Ryu is a Disney hating fox, I just love how Rayea made him that way Once again, THIS IS RAYEA'S WRITING POSTED BY ME!! --DISCLAIMER AND NOTE-- It was near dusk. The sun was sinking down behind Mt. Moon, casting orange, pink and purple shadows over the land. A lone figure sat high in a tree, gazing over what could be seen from her vantage point. Alex wasn't fair from there, she could see him perfectly. They had just finished another day of heavy traveling and he had settled down early to rest. Her friend was lying close to him, also dozing away with her new pokemon, Aliyah. Sighing quietly, she reached into her backpack and pulled out her wallet to flip through pictures that she held in there. She smiled when she reached the picture of her parents and herself as a child, retracing her past, before she had started on the journey. Then there was a picture of all her friends, including Patricia. A voice in her mind asked her where the rest of them were. She paused and leaned against the thick branch, " You know...I have no idea," she whispered, unconsciously answering aloud. She turned and looked over at Patricia, who now HAS clothes. "I'll have to ask her when she wakes up." Down below, her best friend and only talking pokemon, yawned to life. He had heard her talking up in the tree and moving around. With a curious glance, Vulpix whispered to Rayea to come down. She did and sat down with him in her lap. "How was your nap?" She asked, gently scratching him behind the ears. "Good...I dreamt I had a girlfriend of my own and that we were battling together against Team Rocket and we won.." He sighed, " It was such a nice dream." His trainer nodded, " You know, if I'm going to find you a girlfriend, maybe we should give you a name too. about...Todd?" " Todd? Nah...That's one of them disney foxes...." " Robin?" " Another Disney fox, Rayea." She nodded, " Oh, how about Ryu? That's not a disney fox." Vulpix paused and thought about the name. Finally, he nodded, " Alright. Ryu it is then." She smiled and picked him up, "Then c'mon, Ryu. Let's go." They tiptoed past the others, who still slumbered away in the grass, careful not to make a sound. Rayea paused and watched Alex sleep with a gentle smile. Kneeling down, she swept some of stray dark hair off his face, then continued after Ryu. Once they got far enough, they began talking. Ryu asked Rayea about her feelings for Alex first off. She blushed slightly and looked to the horizon, "I...I really don't know. I know that one of these days we're going to have to go our separate ways. My life isn't to be a pokemon trainer, you know that." " Yeah...but couldn't he come back with us?" " If he wanted to..but..." her sentence trailed off. Slowly, Rayea's eyes filled with tears and she quieted. " But what?" "But...we might not have anywhere to go back to." Ryu looked up at Rayea with concern and stopped, " What do you mean?" " Home might not even be there anymore. Home might have disappeared while we were gone. I haven't kept in touch with my family like I should have. And if Patricia got so upset, she hauled herself off to Team Rocket, I know there's something wrong. And Alicia...that time Alicia contacted me. She was attacked. Something happened and she cut out..." Rayea shook her head and was getting near hysterics, "What if they're all dead some where, Ryu? What if those people we were trying to protect Chibi from attacked and got her? What are we going to do? What about mommy and daddy? Maybe they're dead too....then who will I come back to? They can't be dead! They just can't be dead!" A mighty fire blast blasted from Ryu's mouth, stunning his trainer for a minute. She fell backwards onto the grass with a >thud!<. He jumped on her stomach and pat her face with his paws, "Calm down! You're going crazy! None of that has happened, I assure you! Our family is just fine. Home is still where it's supposed to be and everything's fine!" He dove a paw into her bag and retrieved her watch, " Call them yourself and see." Rayea sniffed back some tears and clicked the buttons. "Is anyone there?" There was nothing. " Hello? Someone's gotta be there." Still nothing. " ANSWER ME!!!" She screamed. " Hello, hello?" mumbled a deep, sleepy voice. " Who is it?" Rayea's eyes lit up, " Daddy?!" A man, early thirties late 20s, sat down in front of the screen, rubbing his eyes. His dark hair was mused from sleep, " Huh? Who is this?" " It's me, daddy!" She exclaimed with a happy tears, " how are things at home?" " Rayea?!?!?!" He leapt closer to the screen, " You've grown!" She smiled, " Is mommy okay? How about everyone else? I'm sorry for staying out of touch so long." "Yes, everything's fine. We did encounter a battle a while back, but it's done now." Rayea and Ryu sat for a long while in the bushes, talking into the small communicator. While back at the campsite, Alex was stirred awake by something. Opening one eye just a little, he saw something hiding in the shrubbery. Reaching behind him, he pulled out his staff and aimed at it, then shot. He sent a small shock through it's body making it collapse. Getting up, he ran over to see what he had hit. "Ow!! Jeez...Ryu.. you really burned me!" " Sorry...I had to snap you out of it." "Rayea!! C'mere!! Quick!!" Rayea heard Alex's voice and hurried through the bush, " What?!? What's wrong?!?" Something was cradled in his arms, slightly wrapped in his robe, " Look what I found." Her eyes nearly popped out of her head, " A....A......" He pulled back some of the fabric, exposing light orange fur and a small ear. Ryu leapt into the air, "A girl vulpix!!!! YAHOO!!!!" "Yep! And she's a cutie too." Alex smiled and put her down on the ground, totally unwrapping her from his robe, " I shocked her a little, but she should come to any minute now." Sure enough, dark eyes blinked open and she shook her head, " Vull......pix?" Large hearts overtook Ryu's eyes and his tongue fell out of his mouth, "She's.....beautiful!! Can she stay with us?" " I dunno, ask her." The two vulpixes talked momentarily and Ryu beamed, " She said she'd love to!!" Rayea smiled at Alex and leaned her head on his shoulder, " Good job, Alex." " Thanks. " His arm wrapped around her waist and held her gently, " Think we should get going now? It's almost morning." She nodded and closed her eyes, " yeah...sure.." " We better get Patricia then. Let's..." He turned his head and found Rayea sleeping lightly on his shoulder. With a quiet chuckle, he rubbed his nose against her's, "Hey, Vulpix...were you two up all night?" " Yeah, and the name's Ryu, now," he smiled proudly. But then, he also started to get drowsy. Alex sat down, leaning against a tree, and held Rayea in his arms. Ryu walked over and curled up in her lap, falling asleep as well. Without notice all fell asleep, "Free, free, free", was heard in the background. --NOTE FROM THE POSTER, NOT THE WRITER-- Q: Okay, so you are probably saying, "How did the Vulpix just show up" A: Well, I don't know, I really don't know. I do know that there is wild pokemon, and psychic people are sensitive to other people/pokemon. I also know that movement and sound from bushes would wake me up, it could be something evil, like a wild Wigglytuff, and I wouldn't like that getting near me. Q: So you are saying, "How did a projectile fire out of Alex's silver staff" A: And I'm asking my self, "How can a lizard breathe fire" "How can a creature like true Cartos exist", "Why would a human turn into a Pikachu" "How would a green Wiggly appear", "Why would people fire pokemon as weapons". Get my drift? Good. Q: Okay, how did Asuka and Ryu get talking skills? A: They got em at Cinnabra lab Oh man, big typo there! "CinnaBRA" !!! I'll just leave it there.. Q: Why does the real Alex like girl J-pop groups? A: He just does! Q: Who is Rayea and why don't we see posts from her very often, A: Well she isn't much for the gameboy game, to mention it, she hasn't played it much and does not have it. She just aids me in writing and we've been very good friends for over a year. Q: Can't she play the emulator game? A: I don't know, maybe she just doesn't want to. Q: Why does Alex's writing suck? A: Read the Dai posts, they change minds about my writing. Soon, Alex will improve too. Q: Alex leave PW! and settle down with PW! Rayea? A: Maybe, maybe not. If we did, we'd still go around capturing pokemon and adventuring and go back home for sometime, then do it again.... Q: So..any more questions? A: No!!! --NOTE FROM POSTER NOT THE WRITER--