From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!]It's Like Knowing You're In A Fog... Date: Wednesday, August 11, 1999 10:28 PM syke6888 L wrote: > (OOC: After reading "Light To Dark" I decided to continue this post. If > it doesn't work out I'll DV Adrian's response and find another way to > get John out of the Fog.) [DVs are not necessary quite as often as people fear. ^_^] > "He doesn't have much time left, we must get John to the hospital." > Seth picked up John and followed Sabrina to the hospital. > > Time passes... > > John slowly woke up and saw two people and a Pokémon he didn't know. > "Great. I'm with strangers, and I look like something the Meowth dragged > in," he thought. His vision got better, and he recognized on of the > three. "James!" John leaped out of bed and grabbed his sword, completely > forgetting it can't harm humans. "Back off, Rockagh!" John fell to his > knees. Aerie ran over and helped him up. > > "Easy, John. This is not James of TR. He only looks like him." Seeing > Ariel calmly sitting next to themale, John sat down and said, "Well, if > you are not James, then who are you?" "His name is Seth." Sabrina crossed her arms, glaring at him out of the corner of her eye. "And he is welcome to leave. *With* his trash." A wave of tension washed across the room. Although Sabrina was not actually using her powers at this time, it seemed as if she was sending minor telekinetic chills towards Seth, and doing her best to ignore Aerie. Seth, in turn, looked at Mimic with an expression of...pain? annoyance? betrayal?...from which Mimic shrank, a bit sheepish. Only Aerie was actually tending to John, gently but firmly removing his sword and guiding him back into bed. Even John could feel the bad vibes. "What's going on?" "You know these people?" Mr. Fuji sized up Aerie and Seth, trying and utterly failing to remember them. "Mimic think best not go there. Please?" Sabrina hmphed. "If Seth and Mimic will not take *it* away, then I'm leaving." She bowed to Mr. Fuji, John, and even Ariel. "Another time, my friends." And walked out, saving the slightly-less-dramatic-exit teleport until she was out of eyesight. Mr. Fuji blinked. Sabrina never *walked* out, without good reason. "What was that all about?" "Call it bad blood." Aerie, at least, was still in good enough spirits to crack a smile at Mimic's attempted jest, even if it was at her expense...or would have been, had the others gotten it. "If you say so." Mr. Fuji extended a hand. "Anyway, thanks for helping us out, all of you." "Is no problem." Mimic reformed himself into a glove on that hand, then shook. "Umm...right. Say, it's almost dinner time. If you'll stay around for a bit, I'll cook up some extra portions for you. It's the least I can do to say 'thanks'." "Mimic help cook?" "If you want, sure. Anyone else?" Seth sat down on the foot of John's bed, keeping his side towards Mimic. "Not me. Mimic's going to be handling knives, I don't want to find one in my back...again." "SETH!" Aerie was standing over her partner in an instant, disapproval writ large on her face. She glanced at Mr. Fuji and Mimic. "You two go on. We need to have a" Mr. Fuji shook his head. "At least take it to another room." He pointed at John, who had fallen back into unconsciousness. "He'll be up and about by the time dinner's ready, but he needs his rest. He's had a rough day." TBC?