From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Light to Dark... Date: Sunday, August 01, 1999 10:46 PM Maria Rocket wrote: > Meanwhile on top of Pokemon Tower, Mimic had taken on the form of giant disco > ball. People for miles around had now stepped out to see what all the lights > were about. Some puzzled over the meaning, while still others were enraged and > discussed methods of removing it. The majority however had started up some > music and begun dancing. Old Mr. Fuji himself had suddenly stepped out in the > middle of town and shocked everyone by outdoing John Travolta ala Saturday > Night Fever. [Snip the channeler surfing] > Behind him, the defeated channeler ran off hissing and screaming. The light > had faded, and Seth lay quietly on the ground. At first glance he appeared > dead. After a few minutes however, a hand finally moved. With a groan, he > lurched to his feet, a hand to his head. Ahead of him at last, was the door to > the top of the tower. > > He was still for a moment. Then his shoulders shook with a dark chuckle. He > looked up at the door, his eyes flashing a ruby red. "Father dear....I'm > coming for you." He took off upwards, pausing briefly at a Cubone's grave to pick up the unusually large skull and bone that lay there. Just because he could not use pokemon attacks did not render him helpless by any means...but the better prepared he was, the more painful he could make this for his target. Strains of disco music reached his ears as he vaulted up the stairs to the top floor, shoving aside two decorative suits of armor as he passed. He did not spare even an ounce of attention on figuring out where it was coming from, instead busting through a side door that lead to the roof access. The fog gave way to sunlight as he dashed up, until he burst through the roof's door. Aerie was floating above the roof in a bubble of pink energy. Mimic took a few seconds to notice Seth, then stopped spinning and created a face facing Seth. "Mimic try channel good emotions into Aerie, use good spirits here. Mimic think it working." Seth charged, slashing the air twice before bringing his club down on Mimic. Mimic bounced up over Seth, and landed hard enough to knock loose a ring of roof, leaving himself and Aerie on an island over one of the support columns from the floor below. Seth found himself on the other side of this aerial moat when he finally processed his miss. "What with Seth?" "TRAITOR!" Seth ran towards the moat, intending to leap straight onto Mimic... ...when Mimic turned into a Charizard and stopped Seth's flight with a blast of fire. Unfortunately, this repulsion sent him back over the edge of the tower. "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-" *whump* "-iyyite!" "Purrsian. Purr purrsian purrsian: purrsian purr." (Nice form on that one. The Bulbasaur judge gives it a 9.1 though: too much char flaking off during the fall.) Seth picked himself off the ground and growled. "Mimic is *so* dead." He took off back into the tower, running too fast - or so he hoped - for any chaneller or pokemon to catch him, as Slasher rolled his eyes. Five minutes later... "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-" *whump* "-iyyite!" Slasher noticed that the skull in Seth's hand was extremely burnt, to the point of falling apart. Figuring that Seth must have tried to use it as a shield, he did Seth a favor and tapped it, causing it to fall apart before Seth could convince himself that it was still usable. Seth glared at Slasher for a moment, then shifted to a two-handed grip on his bone before taking off again. Five minutes later... "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa-" *chink* Seth caught his bone in a niche in the tower's wall, using it to reverse his downward momentum and sail back up. "-aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-" Only to find, when he reached roof level, that he had no way to shift his horizontal momentum so as to land on said roof. "-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-" *whump* "-iyyite!" By this time, Slasher had recruited a few wandering pokemon to serve as judges. And, sure enough, the Bulbasaur really did hold up a "9.1". Five minutes later... ... Slasher blinked. Surely Seth wasn't actually *beating* Mimic this time? Only Seth's rage propelled him to press on, and an angry foe was an easier defeated foe... Up on the roof, Seth held an even bigger bone in his hands, playing baseball with the fireballs Mimic tossed his way. Mimic sent them back with a flick of his tail, until the whole process looked like a firey version of racketball. Eventually, Seth got one in past Mimic's defenses, stunning Mimic for a moment. Pressing his advantage, and starting to feel his powers return, Seth launched a brilliant white Psybeam at Mimic, paralysing his father. He leapt in without resistance, and began clubbing Mimic with all his might. "Traitor!" *whack* "Idiot!" *whack* "You!" *whack* "Could!" *swish* "Have!" *whack* "Hurt!" *splut* "AERIE!!!" *WHAM!* Mimic toppled over, thoroughly dazed. Seth, seeing no more point in beating a fainted Ditto, snatched Aerie and leapt down the side of the tower. His multiple descents had, at least, given him an opportunity to study the tower's exterior. He leapt from decoration to decoration, sending each one plummeting under the sudden weight, but getting enough moments of footing to leap to the next. On the roof, a chaneller peeked out from the roof access, gasped, and nearly flew to the fainted Ditto. Pink sparkles of her white magic flew over Mimic's body, healing all his injuries. "Ooowww...Mimic think Mimic need learn dodge instead of repeat bat- back." "Mimic, is it? I'm not sure what's going on, but that man you were fighting was not alright. Something evil has taken hold of him...I'm not sure if it is part of himself, or a spirit, but either way, you've got to go after him." "Mimic..." He struggled to stand up. "...think Mimic will..." A quick shake of the head cleared out the remaining cobwebs. "...but first Mimic want thank you. What name?" "You may call me Navi." "Thanks, Navi." "Hey, listen. I think I know how you can defeat him..." Slasher, meanwhile, was becoming increasingly alarmed. Seth had Aerie, and was still acting rather odd. Some survival instinct told the Persian that all was not right with his human. Just after Seth reached the ground, a 3.0 quake hit the area. The town seemed not to notice; indeed, "Stayin' Alive" was playing as a two story tall Machamp stepped out from behind the tower, and looked down at Seth... [1] TBC? [1] Yes, this *is* Mimic. Being a Fighting type against someone who just got Psychic attacks back. There's logic to this...see if you can figure it out. > >[2] Think Link. ^_- > > Bwah! ^_^; Times two. (Sorry, it just seemed so...natural for Mimic to play the evil-eyed king of thieves.)