From: James Giblin <> Subject: [PW!]Lullaby Date: Thursday, August 12, 1999 9:03 AM Maria just got her pokedex from the Prof and went on the road to Viridian. "Jigglypuff, can you tell me if you see any Pokemon?" "PUFF!" she said nodding her head/body. A few minutes later Maria felt a tugging on her pants. "What is it?" Jigglypuff pointed to the ratite that was scurrying around. " OH. It's so cute! I have to have it. Jigglypuff GO!" "JIGG!" "Jigglypuff sing it to sleep!" As Jigglypuff sang it to sleep Maria remembered all the nights Jigglypuf sang her to sleep. "Alright Jigglypuff Pound attack. NOW!" "PUFF" Jigglypuff said as it pounded the helpless Ratite. "GREAT! POKEBALL GO!" The red and white ball zipped through the air and hit the Rattatta. The Rattata's Pokeball shook once, twice, three times! "YEAH! MY SECOND POKEMON!" Feeling great of herself she skip all the way down the path and took a break every so often to let her new ratite play with Jigglypuff. TO BE CONTINUED