From: Maria Rocket <mobius101@aol.compactpika> Subject: Re: [PW!] Maiden's Peak! Date: Thursday, August 26, 1999 4:37 AM >Doppler shrugged by extending to pseudopods up to frame his "face", then >retracting them. "You spotted me by luck. This time. I will return >when you are less vigilant." He faced Seth. "And your Persian is >unharmed. Mimic *should* know where he is..." Then he, too, vanished. > >When psychic energies with one dominant emotion are pumped out in >intense enough quantities over a small area for a length of time, those >who remain in the area afterwards sometimes absorb the energy and feel >the emotion. Formulas describing this were in many scientific papers, >but all Seth knew at the moment was that he felt *angry*. Angry at >Doppler, angry at Mewtwo, angry at the world, even a little angry at >Aerie. "Your dad and Mewtwo never did get along well, did they?" > >"Mewtwo tried raiding our colony a few times." Seth could hear the >anger in her voice, too. "He was repelled every time. I even helped >the last time, and dreamt about vanquishing him for many nights >thereafter. He eventually moved out of the dungeon, when we started >living too close to it. I heard he died..." She turned towards Seth, >fire in her eyes. "And I have only one thing to say to you." > >Seth took a second to realize she was talking about his earlier >question. At the moment, with the latent energies still prompting him, >he did not care whether she said yes or no. Noticing his change of >heart, he quickly realized what was causing this apathy...and did not >care about that, either. > >"For you, *mister*..." She stormed up to him, until they were nose to >nose and forehead to forehead. "...the answer is..." > >A small part of him began to care again...and worried. > >"...yes." She fiercely hugged him, and silenced any immediate reply >with a kiss so passionate that even Doppler...well...let's just say he >would have taken notes on another new power. > >Seth let her take him, letting her sheer love corrupt the hate in the >air. Small forest creatures, locked in a silent protective state by >Doppler's and Mewtwo's eminations, relaxed and began chittering >happily; several of the more social ones began grooming their mates and >friends. Even the trees themselves seemed to stand down. [4] > >Eventually, Aerie did break off. "Someday." > >Only after getting his breath back did Seth ask, "Someday?" > >She grinned. "The law says two people have to exist before they're >married. We don't officially exist...and I'm *not* marrying you, in any >form, as anyone but myself!" > Still recovering, Seth just stared in confusion for a moment. He found her smile infectious, and leaned in with a big grin, hugging her tightly. Shedding tears of joy, he picked her up in his arms and swung her around wildly. "Aerie, you have no idea how happy I am!" "Wanna bet?" Aerie giggled in his ear. She threw her legs up around him, and the next thing they knew, they had crashed to the ground. "OW!" Seth moaned after hitting the dirt. "Aerie, and you say I'm rough...." He chuckled and let his fingers drift along the softness of her cheek. "Sorry," Aerie made herself comfortable. "And I hope you aren't disappointed or anything..." "Nah." Seth wrapped his arms about her. "I was hoping you wouldn't want to rush it...." He leaned forward to kiss her briefly, feeling giddy. He felt like the luckiest guy in both worlds! "So.....does this mean we're engaged?" He blushed slightly, which amazed Aerie. "I suppose we are..." Aerie laughed and then looked thoughtful. "Now, who would have thought Dad and Mewtwo would show? Talk about strange occurences....with our luck they'll probably end up crashing the wedding." Seth shifted on the dirt. "Well, if they're still around by that time. Didn't you say Mewtwo was dead?" Aerie shrugged, her violet hair falling over her shoulders. "Can't say for sure. Besides, that was there, and this is here." Seth nodded, rubbing up and down her back. He suddenly got an evil gleam in his eye. Aerie took note, but before she could react, she found herself flipped onto her back with large green eyes in her own. "What was that about us not existing? Do I need to prove to you that I exist?" Seth chuckled darkly. Aerie closed her eyes and smiled. "You can try." As Seth moved to kiss her again, he suddenly became aware of another presence. He frowned and moaned inwardly. Not again.....go away Dopplerrrr..... "Not Doppler!" Both Aerie and Seth startled and looked up at the familiar voice. "Mimic!" "That is being right!" A Flareon trotted over to them. "Mimic lost awhile there, but some persons Mimic can not identify told Mimic to come here to prevent lemon and breaking of rules.....whatever that mean. Why Seth and Aerie in dirt? Mimic hungry, let go!" Remembering her lost corndog, Aerie decided that they should all head back to the ongoing festival. Seth gave her his arm with a smile, and they started back, Mimic leading the way. TBC? >[2] Before anyone accuses me of inventing a new move: Tickle, >grass-type, as used by Bulbasaur in Togepi's episode. ^_^ [3] > >[3] For the clueless: I'm *joking* here. Tickle is not an official >move, to my knowledge. > Psy yie yie! >[4] And thus we see my real reason for bringing Mewtwo and Doppler in: a >plot device to pull this effect off. ^_^ [5] > Awwww ^_^ >[5] Well, hey, he *was* asking to be cast as something other than a pure >agent of destruction and evil. Doing some good - even by accident - >counts. 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