From: Zagro <> Subject: [PW!] Memories that Suck Monkies, Part 2 Date: Sunday, August 22, 1999 12:31 PM {P,OTPW!:} Zagro was ambushed by Team Rocket, an Ash wanna-be, Shorts Kid, and a WigglyLauncher Guy (WGL). His Clefairy, who had called them all there, had run off carrying Puffles, leaving Zagro to die at his enemies' hands. Woo. [OOC: Anyone in Pewter, Veridian, and especially Cinnibar is bound to notice me. Too bad I can't stop to say Hi!] ---- Zagro ignored the shouting of the police and ran up to his target. He glanced at the man's set of Pidgeys and said "Are you part of the Pidgeot Express?" Zargo scowled. "Nope, I'm in my own business, Pidgeys R Us!" "OK, I need a lift." "Cool!! Grab hold of the Pidgey!" The police all pulled out pistols. "Freeze!" Zagro grabbed the Pidgey, and it took off. Defying all logic, it was able to carry him. Zargo, flying on a Pidgey next to him, grinned. "It's the Pokefeed. It makes them powerful! Like steroids! So, where to?" Zagro glanced down at the guards, who were releasing Fearows, and preparing to chase. The WGL was right behind, setting up his Wigglybazooka. "Take me to the Cinnibar Pokemon center! And try to shake those guards!" ---- Down in Veridian, a man watched the aerial chase. It was obvious that the guards wouldn't be shaken. Then some Pidgey poop hit him in the face. ---- 'Fuzz' grinned at Puffers, who was currently tied up and placed in a catapult. Puffles struggled but couldn't break free. "You'll never get away with this!" Fuzz rolled it's eyes. "How original." ---- "We can't shake them!" "Why are they after you, anyway?" Zagro sighed. "I got caught beating a guy with with his own gun. Then I broke out of jail." "Wow." "There's Cinnibar." Zagro released Goddish, Weedle, and his pregnant Caterpie from their Pokeballs. "We're going to swoop down near the Pokecenter. Goddish, you carry Caterpie in and tell them to open a breeding room, and that your owner will be in soon to pay for it. Weedle, she's your wife, you'll want to be there. Good luck!" They went down until they could almost touch the ground, and the three Pokemon jumped. As they regained height, Zagro pulled out his Pikachu. "You're my last Pokemon... do me well! Thunderbolt those Fearows! Zargo, lead your Pidgeys back to Veridian. I have a Jigglypuff to save."