From: The Sage of the Odd. <neomenasor@aol.communazi> Subject: Re: [PW!] Neo's last badge part 2 Date: Sunday, August 15, 1999 7:50 PM > > "I've found my sister," replied Orion, ignoring Neo's snide remark. > "That's good," said Neo, yawning. There was a long silence after that. > "Do you think it's that smart hanging out here in Viridian City?" asked >Orion. > "What do you mean? Oh... the Rocket thing, right? Don't worry about >it. > I'm not. Neither is Ee..." > Neo looked down at his side. Eevee was gone. Neo jumped a few feet in the air and yelled, "Tarnation! Greeeeaaaaaat." he sends out everyone of his Pokemon. He starts the command, "Ryouma, here is Eevee's collar, sniff her out. Gouki, Hikaru help with the sniff. Hayate fly up and see if she is still around. Saya, um....try to pick up her brain waves or whatever." Neo was very edgy at this point, "Um, Orion....I gotta go BYE!" Then he hung up and yelled, "Blast!" Neo J. Menasor The Neo-Stunticons The Covenent of Primus, IT'S A COOKBOOK! ----- This was brought to you by the next Senator of New York, Hillary Clinton! "Vote for Hillary, she loves New York ." And by Larry King, he looks like an owl