From: Gyarados75 <> Subject: [PW!] Oak and the anaylizer! Date: Monday, August 16, 1999 8:25 PM author:CG ID # 0014 RATEING:G COOL METER:10!!! ---CG quest 14: Oak and the Anaylizer!--- As CG trotted down the path to Pallet, he noticed a Pidgey staring at him from the grass. He smirked, then quickly sent out Geodude (whom he had won from Brock) "Geodude, pound it!" The rock monster smashed into the bird and sent it tumbling into a tree. Suddenly, everything dissapered into a pitch black back-ground, and green lines in a graph paper fasion streamed from the skies, verticly and horizontially. The Pidgey was there, when it suddenly shot a red beam at the paralized CG. It hit him, bounced back, and the Pidgey grunted and chirped, "Hah, this strange creature only has a power level at around 50! The weakling! Heeheehee! This will be, 'fun' ! Now it's time for TRI VISIONS!!!" He suddenly split into three different Pidgeys, each blew a strange blue beam at CG, and he was thrown into Pallet with an "A" shaped from the beam's blast on his fur. He hit a building and almost passed out. "Whaaa?....where am I??...huh? Prof. Oak's Lab???" suddenly he snapped out of it "I MADE IT! YIPEE!" he sent out Vines, his best pokemon, and rode on him inside. Prof. Oak was busy working on what seemed a Magikarp when he looked over his shoulder and saw CG. He grinned and said "Well, another trainer here to see me? Wait, you're a little lost pokemon aren't you? Huh..." when CG cut him off "No, I'm a trainer that was hit by a stone by a Pidgeot and that made me all these pokemon untill I became Growlithe and then Zapdos, some Hypno, TR, and lots of other came after me and I evolved...(breath)... now I'm travelling to seek you then Bill it's so cool to meet you...(breath)... so how are you?" at this Prof. Oak gaped "My dear! I didn't create you, nor did Bill, so...I see you met the analyzer already?" he grinned and patted the burned flesh in an "A" on CG shoulder. "Well, that was analyzer! My newest creation! Check this second one out!" he pointed to the Magikarp, "He is a normal Magikarp, I assure you, yet I have planted some special chips in him, he is like a gaurd dog...they'll be on the market soon!" "Well, I love Gyarados!!! Could I have it?" CG asked with his bug, Arcanine eyes "I is....prove to me you deserve it by defeating (not capturing or killing) Pidgey A (A for anaylizer)!" CG frove, than gaped. He slowly stepped out of the door and sighed, "ME? Defeat that thing? Oh well, I must try..." he slumped off towards the feild when he saw it, its back to him. "Here's my chance!" he sent out all his pokemon and told them to quietly attack from behind. In about 5 seconds, they all punced and they Pidgey was hurled into a tree limb. "Skorch, fire blast! Bubbles? hydro pump! Vines, vine whip! Geodude? rock throw! Stinger? pin missle! Fangs, hyper fang!!!" All the attacks seered towards the Pidgey when he began to give off a flame and evolved. The moves did connect and paralized him temporraly. "Raticate, one more fang!" Raticate sank its teeth deep into Pidgeotto's belly and it fell from the sky. The Pidgeotto regained itself, and said "I am not amused!!! USE ENERGY BLAST ON THE RAT!!!!!!" a big fireball appeared and started growing on Pidgeottos hand, then a beam rushed from it at Fangs when some fire balls and mist stopped it in its path. Pidgeotto looked around, but nobody was there. "Heh heh heh....A bird, now the legendary birds Articuno and Moltrees are helping me. So give up!" Cg grinned and looked at the bird, whom then feircly yelled, "YOU WANT TO SEE MY REAL WRATH? YOU DON'T HAVE WHAT IT TAAAAAAAAAAAKES!!!!!!!!!" with that anothwer fireball appeared around him, and he evolved again, this tim he kept the flame, though. He shot huge energy beams at the pokemon, then CG stepped in. "That's it, you hurt my pokemon, you deal with MEEEEE!!!!" again, his temper rose and fire blasts blew from his sides, at whitch point CG's pokemon hid and/or took cover. CG grew to his "rage" size, and blew a pillar of pure fire energy straight at the bird, then all went white. About an hour later, a muh more leveled up (at least 10-15 levels more) Arcanine walked into the lab with the bird on a string, looking like roast chicken. "Truly amazing" said Oak and immediatly handed CG the Magikarp. "Whil out of water, put this chip on his fin. He then creates a water bubble around itself. He isn't as powerful as the bird yet...but who knows, DOES evolve!" with that CG walked out, with a new analyzer to clean up his dis-organized life. ---EnD!--- ---cG goEs On!!!---