From: <> Subject: Re: [PW] Plans Date: Monday, August 02, 1999 6:55 PM Cross and Tilk stood in front of Mewtwo, "So boss what do we do with Tiki now?" Tilk asked. "We let him go..." Mewtwo said. Cross and Tilk facefaulted, "But boss what was the point of capturing him if we're going to set him free?" A confused Cross asked. "We needed to get him away from the others. And we're not setting him free. We're providing a way for him to escape he will take it and then leave. Then we send it after him, after a little confrontation, if all gose according to plan, Tiki will be ready to serve his purpose." Cross and Tilk looked over to the motionless figure, who still did nothing. <SCENE SWITCH> Tilk is above Tiki looking down at him through a window, there had been a large storm yesterday, and this was key to the "ESCAPE,". Tilk took a small glass of water and let a drop fall onto the APB. Tiki noticed it. When the water hit the APB fizzled for a sec. He figured the water came from the storm, and it had dripped through the old building. Another drop hit, Tiki used the second to use his powers to start untieng his restraints. After about five minutes of that he was free, he took the APB and walked around. He eventually found a stairway. After wanderting around he saw Mewtwo and Cross talking in a room. Tiki saw his pokeballs and stuff, he turned off the APB. And managed to use his powers to move his stuff to him. He got everything on and then managed to escape without Mewtwo seeing him... or so Tiki thought. "Hmmmm soon Tiki soon." Mewtwo said smiling. Tiki exited the building to discover that he was correct it was the power plant. He got out Bullseye, but Bullseye had been tortued by Cross and Tilk and one of his wings were broken. So Tiki got out Twirl who was fine. Tiki started surfing out of the power plant area. He tried his computer, batteries were removed. SO he was going to have to do it the hard way by surfing to Ceruleun then start walking back toward Celadon. As he surfed along he wondered what was happening to the others. TBC (Someone still needs to say what Score heard, even if it is nothing. 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