From: Valerie <> Subject: [PW!] Pod Racing->Cosplay->Team Rocket! Oh my! Date: Sunday, August 08, 1999 6:14 AM Valerie walked out of the Pod Racing arena and found herself on PokéWorld. "NO! I am not Ryoga, this can't happen to me!" Just then a bunch of Pokémon Trainers ran by in Pokémon costumes. "I hope no one here is on crack, I'm wired on Coke at 5:42 in the morning, but nothing more." Valerie decides to follow the cosplayers to the theater. Inside there are many more cosplayers, Pikachu's, Mewtwo's, Clefairy's, and all the others, even a Togepi. "Who in their right mind would want to imitate that stupid egg?" Said Valerie under her breath. Suddenly a nameless pokéotaku said to Valerie, "Hey, why aren't you in costume?" Just before he was squished by a desending set of stairs. "Eww!" Said a nameless Pikachu cosplayer. Then over the loud speakers could be heard Team Rocket saying their motto. Valerie groans. "Alright, I'll go make another transaction, but this is getting boring." Valerie walks up the set of stairs and yells for no good reason, "Baka yo! You should go into Pokémon insurance like me! You will last about 5 years before Jenny gets ya for good!" Funny looks from Team Rocket... "What are you talking about?" Replies Jesse. (Pardon me, I'm using dub names but I don't care. I only have fansubs for Sailor Moon S at the moment and there really is no reason for subs of Pokémon.) "I don't train a single Pokémon but I sure do cash in on the Pokémon craze." Says Valerie. Meowth purked up by the word 'cash', "How do you get money off Pokémon? We've been trying to 'collect' Pokémon, but we've had rough luck." Seeing as how she could get rid of these three Valerie replied, "Simple, I sell Pokéballs, Pokémon merchandise, Pokémon cards, Pokémon figures, blah...blah..." Team Rocket seemed to be getting sleepy as the list rolled on and on. "Pokémon T-shirts, Pokémon hats..." Finally the trio was asleep. Conviently there was a mailbox at the top of the stairs. Valerie pulled out a postcard and a pen out of hamperspace and wrote: To the Acme company, Please send one firework extraganza to Valerie. Remember, 5 second delivery or it's free! Hehehe... :Puts envelope in mailbox: 1....2....3....4.."Delivery for Valerie!" yelled a mailman who was now right next to Valerie. "Man, they are fast! Oh well." :Straps fireworks to Team Rocket: Just then a figure walked in the first this person was a blur but it actually turned out to be.... Ok. Whoever posts to this thread first can light off Team Rocket fireworks. Or you can do whatever. I'm tired, it's 6:11 I'll see you all tomorrow. TBC. -- Valerie watcher of fansubs and Pocky eater