From: Agent 0007 <> Subject: [PW!] Pokeman vs. Viridian Forest.. or Something Date: Monday, August 16, 1999 10:08 AM Eh, those 4 dudes are still lost in the Viridian Forest... === Pokeman, Coconut Joe, Dan, and G. Sprite STILL walked around through the Viridian Forest. "The exit *must* be around here somewhere.." Dan mumbled. "Hey, over there. It's probably a shortcut, we'll just go through those trees," Pokeman pointed out. "NO!" shouted Sprite, "You can't go through the trees. You must walk on the path." "But.." "NO." "Umm... okay," Pokeman said timidly. They finally reached the end of the forest and to Pewter City. "Let's look at the sites," said Pokeman. "Sorry, Pokeman," said Dan, "But I think me and Joe should stay at the Pokemon Center and wait for the others. I hope we see you soon." "Oh, OK. Good luck! Good bye! See you! Adieu! Later! Adios! Ko-" "Umm.. bye." Dan interupted. Coconut Joe tried his best to wave while they walked into the center. So Pokeman and Sprite walked looking of the path to Mt. Moon. Pokeman stopped quickly to listen to a faint cry. "Help! Someone get me out of this freakin place!!!" Looks like a job for... "The programmers?" said G. Sprite. " looks like a job for Pokeman!" "Oh." Sprite sweat dropped. Pokeman followed the noise until he reached an old building. Pokeman tried to open the door but it was locked. "Darn! It's stuck!" "They havent programmed the building yet.." Sprite muttered to himself. "Go Beedrill!" Pokeman threw out his PokeBall. "The name is Narrator! NARRATOR! NARRA-" "Ooops. Sorry. Bee- err Narrator, knock down the door." Beedrill charged at the door at top speed. He hit it and fell down. The door fell off the hinges and squashed Narrator. " me..." <Scene switch..> Pokeman had Narrator drill through the chains that were holding the man captive. "Thanks." the guy said. "What is your name?" "The name's Delta." "Oh, my name is Pokeman and this is.." It was too late. The guy had already ran away. "He wasnt very nice now was he?" Pokeman grumbled. Sprite shrugged. "We better get out of here before the people that catured him capture us too!" Sprite said. "Good idea. Lets go." --- Tobasco Burning Cats -- Team PokÚStorm->Agent 0007 ICQ:13178347 AIM: Agent O0O7 Creator of AGNP, ABP, & AGNZ