From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW] Psyshock Date: Thursday, August 19, 1999 10:37 PM Akynirew wrote: > Note: If you have questions on the verb to yiff, four words: “Dan Drazen > Runaway Gearbox” nuff said So I'm not the only one here who's read that! > “I can switch when I want to.” HE shrugged again. “I have a store of stuff > in the Pokémon tower, so I want it back. I’m going to get it.” He walked > off. “You coming?” > > “Sure.” Phannon started after him “You know how to ride handlebars?” Playa > hopped onto the bike and the two of them started off towards Lavender town. > > [OOC: Is there anyone in or around Lavender town?] [Well, seeing as how I'm replying to this post anyway...] As their travel briefly went past a beach, they noticed three figures sleeping together. Well...two figures sleeping, and one Persian keeping both eyes #Keep going.# on the passing vehicle and its occupants. Phannon #There's nothing to see here.# could have sworn he saw #You did not see us.# the Persian's eyes flash an evil, ominous red #There was no one here.# but maybe that was just the light. As their travel left a stretch of beach behind, Phannon shook his head. He remembered nothing of the past few minutes, as if he had dozed off. But how could he have kept moving while asleep? His mind struggled with the question for a moment, before discarding it as not worth the bother. Meanwhile, 'Slasher' continued his vigil of Seth and Aerie. A strange sense of deja vu descended on him, as if he had used this same trick on these same people before...but he had hardly ever met them, so how could that be?