From: Mushboom <> Subject: [PW!] Rei's Courier Service Date: Sunday, August 08, 1999 11:45 PM Pokespeach in <> --- Rei walked down the dark halls of the underwater cave, "Why did I have to be summoned this early in the morning," he groaned to himself as he checked his watch. It was 4:30 in the morning, he muttered a swear under his breath and entered the main chamber. Tsunami, the grayish-blue Poliwrath, met him at the entrance. <Ah, Rei, I'm glad you're here,> she said, a little too cheerfully for the young man. "I'm not. I only got 3 hours of sleep," Rei responded with a yawn. <Well that's too bad, but you need an early start,> Tsunami chuckled. "Early start? For what?" The water pokemon handed Rei a file folder, the human opened it and scanned it briefly. "You want me to tell the Saffron HQ that the attack was successful. Why?" <We're telling all the bases, the entire resistance needs to know.> "Can't we call them? Or send a letter?" Rei asked, desperately wanting to stay at the Vermilion base and sleep. Boulder came up behind Tsunami and shook his bony head, <Nope, security reasons,> the Marowak informed Rei. "Fine, can I at least have some company?" he sighed. Just then a black Weezing floated up behind the blonde haired man. <What's up, Rei?> he asked. Rei turned to face the Weezing, "Hey King, I have to go to Saffron to deliver some message. Wanna come with?" <Got nothing better to do. Sure,> King replied. Rei turned to Tsunami who nodded, he smiled and left for his sleeping quarters followed by the black Weezing. ---In Rei's quarters--- Rei removed the knives and their sheaths from his belt, he was only going to Saffron, he wouldn't need so many weapons at his finger tips. He put them all in a dark green backpack, along with his trench coat. He didn't want his two favorite knives exposed so he changed into a baggier shirt and put them in the back of his belt, making sure the shirt covered them. To seem more like a regular trainer, he put a couple empty pokeballs on his belt. He shouldered the backpack and exited his room to be met by King. "Let's be on our way, shall we?" <Let's shall,> the Weezing answered. They took an elevator to the top of the cave which rose out of the water as a small island. The duo walked along a sandy beach until they reached a small shack of a boat house on the shore. An exceptionally beautiful young women greeted them at the door. Her silky, brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail and her bright, red lips smiled sweetly at Rei. She wore very tight jeans and a baby blue spaghetti strap shirt that stopped above her mid-riff section. The outfit brought out her amber eyes and accentuated her hourglass figure. "Well hello there, big boy," she said as she more than obviously flirted with the handsome young man. "Well hello to you too, Felicia," Rei flirted back. <Cut it out you two. We're on a mission, remember Rei?> King interrupted. "Oh right, um...We need a boat," Rei sweatdropped. "No problem, tall, dark and beefy. Got just the thing," Felicia smirked while tossing him a pair of keys, "It's the green one five boats down the line." Rei and King exited, followed by the girl, "I'll help you push off. When you're done with it, leave it with Elliot. I'll swing by later to pick it up." Rei nodded as he climbed in, the Weezing parked himself on a passenger seat. Felicia untied the boat and pushed the boat from the bank. Rei turned in his seat and waved, she waved back with a wink, "See ya later, stud muffin!" she yelled as they took off. ---Later, in the Vermilion Pokemon Resistance boat house--- Elliot, a balding heavy-set man in his late forties, took the keys back from Rei, "Felicia called and told me everything so no need to tell me again." The fat man chortled as the pair left the waterside shack. Rei and the Weezing hurried through Vermilion and continued to Route 6, eager to get this mission over with. The young man wiped the sweat off his forehead and settled under a large oak tree. He pulled out a water bottle and took a swig, King floated to the ground next to him. <What a scorcher, eh Rei?> "That's the truth," he took another drink of water and looked at his digital wrist watch. The liquid crystal numbers showed 12:02. "Wow, who would've known it took so long to get to Saffron from Vermilion." <We did have to take a boat from HQ all the way to Vermilion.> "I suppose you're right." Just then Rei's antidex chirped to life, it crackled something about a talking Raticate being captured. They both ignored it and loitered in the cool shade. ---Half an hour or so later, in the Saffron Pokemon Resistance HQ--- Rei stood in front of Cinder who looked through the file folder describing the recent raid of Vermilion Beach. The Charmeleon nodded approvingly as the human waited impatiently. "Well thanks for the message then uh..." "Rei, Rei Nefar." "Right, thank you Rei. If you want there's some empty quarters down the corridor. There's also a training room at the far end if you want some exercise," Cinder motioned to a long hallway to Rei's left, he nodded and walked over to King who was making chit chat with a Tangela. "I'm gonna go take a nap, see you later King." <Kay, see you.> Rei walked down the corridor until he found an empty room, he dropped his backpack on the floor next to the bed. He clambered onto the bed and zonked out almost immediately. TBC? -- -MB ::Contacts:: E-mail: ICQ: 38179649 AIM: Mushboom99 Website(that I work for): ::Quotes:: "When you look this good, you don't have to know anything." -Fry "We're not retreating, we're advancing in another direction." -General A. MacAurthur "The only evil thing here is the gambling monster that has your mother! I call him Gamblor!" -Homer "...the only danger in space is if we land on the terrible Planet of the Apes...wait a minute. Statue of Liberty... THAT WAS OUR PLANET! YOU MANIACS! 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