From: Fureimo Rizaado <> Subject: Re: [PW!][NC] Revelation Lugia Date: Tuesday, August 10, 1999 4:35 PM Kyoushu and Shikaku landed down in Celadon. "Well, another one bites the dust." says Shikaku. "Yeah. Let's go." says Kyoushu. The 2 took off to find Moltres. -- Fureimo Rizaado *-*-* AIM: FlmLizard; GhstGek0 ICQ: 43942865 Call me Geko *-*-* I _was_ a talking Charmeleon. Now I'm a SAIYAN. Power Level: 25,000 Special Move: PsyOrb - works like a Pokeball only it kills you slowly when you are inside it. *-*-* Sirius <sirius259@aol.comeleon> wrote in message > > > > > > Awakening from a long slumber, Derrick found he was in a basement > >of > >the Celadon Pokemon Center. "Thank goodness," Nurse Joy said. "You were in > >the > >middle of the fire, but somehow, survived. > > "What happened?" Derrick's voice was different, like he had a sore > >throat. > > "Five surgeries is what happened! We had to stitch up your face." > >Derrick looked in the mirrror and saw the gruesome, thick stitches. > > "Something wrong with my eye." > > "We had to remove you right eye." Derrick closed his eyes and felt > >pity for himself. > > "Where are all my pokemon?" > > "Dead." > > "what???" Derrick's face stung as a droplet of sorrow slid down his > >cheek. > > "One DID surive, it's in room 409." Derrick climbed out of bed to > >see > >the pokemon. > > "No, you musn't. You haven't healed fully." Derrick shoved Joy out > >of > >the way and his arm ached afterwards. His whole body felt cramped as he > >looked > >for the room. When he got there, he found his favorite, Paras, lying in the > >bed. > > "Paras.." Derrick whispered hoarsly. Paras's eyes opened slowly. He > >smiled, then his eyes lowered again. The beeping noise started getting rapid > >and a doctor rushed in. He tried desperately to revive Paras, but stopped > >when > >the beeping halted. Derrick waited for the next beep in the damned machine, > >but > >it never arrived to it's destination. > > "I'm sorry son," the doctor patted him on the back and left. > > "Derrick just stood there still waiting for Paras to wake up. He > >stood and stood. His legs ached, and his body itched, but he didn't move. > > Sirius arrived in Celadon City to find that he was hours too late. The > city was in ruin and chaos. He spotted Dern and Neo in the middle of the park > and landed. > "Neo! Dern!" shouted Sirius. "When did it happen!?" Neo tried to begin > but couldn't. Sirius noticed his face was covered in scratches and bruises. > "Over three hours ago..." said Dern. > "I... I tried to fight them, but I couldn't," said Neo, finally. Only me > and one other guy tried it." He pointed to Dernam, a few meters away. > "Erika and her assistants are okay," assured Dern. > "Where's Derrick?" asked Sirius. > "He's in the hospital. Hurt pretty bad," replied Dern. "Every one of > his Pokémon died in the fire." > Without saying anything else, Sirius ran for the scorched but intact > hospital. > > TBC... > It's my job to fix continuity around here... > > Sirius > > Simpsons quote of the day: > > "We're here to investigate a UFO sighting." > "Ugh! I didn't see any UFO!" > "That's right, ma'am. You _didn't_."