From: Chuck Einhorn <> Subject: Re: [PW!][NC] Revelation Lugia Date: Wednesday, August 11, 1999 7:28 PM Sirius wrote: > Sirius was getting ready to send out his Aerodactyl when Draco approached him. > > "What happened here?" he asked. > > "Moltres attacked, and we don't know why. And Articuno's headed for Viridian > City," replied Neo. "The electricity is out and the phone lines are cut in the > whole area. We're trying to beat Articuno there and warn the people." > > Sirius interrupted. "I think my Aerodactyl can carry one more, but we're > running out of time." He sent out his Aerodactyl. "Do you want to come with > us or not?" > > Draco thought for a moment and nodded. He and the others climbed on > Aerodactyl's back. > > "Dernam will follow on his Scyther," said Sirius. "Hold on tight. > Aerodactyl, take us to Viridian!" > > Aerodactyl began to rapidly beat its long, powerful wings. It took a few > steps forward and became airborne. > > Half an hour later... > > Sirius, Dan, Clefairy, Dern, Neo, Draco, and Rigel soon caught sight of > Articuno in the distance, with a sizable flock of bird Pokémon. > > "Almost there... we'll need to veer Articuno away from Viridian somehow..." > said Sirius. Suddenly, Aerodactyl was blindsided by a huge yellow bird. > > "AAAAAAAAAEEEEEERRRRROOOOO!!!" screamed Aerodactyl, trying to right itself > before falling too far. Sirius, holding on to Aerodactyl's back, heard Rigel's > scream behind him. She was lost her grip on Aerodactyl and was plummeting > down. > > "Aerodactyl! Catch her!" yelled Sirius, himself trying to hold on at the high > speed. Aerodactyl screeched and dove down at an extremely high speed. Sirius > and the others felt their stomachs drop as their struggle to hang on became > near impossible. Rigel grabbed on to Aerodactyl's tail as it swooped by and > tightened her grip. > > Aerodactyl finally managed to right itself and flew straight, on the lookout > for what had hit it. Rigel still hung on to Aerodactyl's tail, too shocked to > climb back up. > > "GYAAAAAAAAP!" The yellow bird bolted past Aerodactyl and turned around in > front of it. Aerodactyl stopped, and the trainers on its back desperately > clung on as they prepared for the fight. > > Aerodactyl swooped downwards to avoid crashing in to Zapdos. Zapdos screamed > and fired a bolt of lightning down upon the prehistoric Pokémon. Aerodactyl > was hit hard in the wing, but managed to stay in the air. Zapdos grabbed > Aerodactyl in its talons and sent thousands of volts of electricity through > Aerodactyl. This was too much for it to take. Zapdos let go, and Aerodactyl, > Sirius, Rigel, Neo, Draco, Dan, Clefairy, and Dern began to plummet down > towards the earth, thousands of feet below... Dernam saw the fight from a dstance. Damn, another Legendary Bird, Zapdos. An Aerodactyl can't take that punishment. He tugged on Scyther's legs, and she pumped into overdrive, trying to close the gap. After a short midair struggle, he saw all the riders fall off. Good thing he was close. He had only one option left. He directed Scyther to drop. He hurled Gyarados down as fast as he could. Gyarados could fly only for a short while, though. Dernam reached out with one hand, and caught someone as they fell. Neo. He looked down at Gyarados. She weaved about in midair,catching as many people as she could. She somehow got them all. But she couldn't hold all the wait. Gyarados initially dropped like a rock, with people(plus a clefairy) hold ing on. At the last second she leveled out, using the speed she had built up to glide. She came to a halt on the ground. Dernam ordered Scyther to land, and she obeyed gratefully. He guessed that all the weight must hurt some. They landed next to Gyarados, who was watching over the others as they brushed themselves off. "Everyone OK?" He inquired. TBC...sorry about last time, Sirius, hadn't refreshed my screen. Ethan Einhorn